Shun Amaguri is a character of Doraemon who first appeared in the episode I've Got a Spare Fourth Dimensional Pocket.


Shun Amaguri is a famous celebrity. He had taken a year off from showbiz to rest at home, but occasionally receives requests for autographs. On a day Nobita and Shizuka came to visit him, he tells them about his frustration over the sudden appearance of trash in his storage room (which Nobita dumped), and gets Nobita’s help to clear it.

As revealed in Gian Makes an Appearance on TV!, he had been cast in a new television programme.

As revealed in The Making of a Television Channel, he is also the brand ambassador for a chestnut product.

He also appears in the movie Doraemon: Nobita and the Island of Miracles as Suneo’s friend.



  • Shun Amaguri is taken from the Japanese actor Shun Oguri.
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