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The Silver Dart is a magical weapon featured in Doraemon: Nobita's Great Adventure into the Underworld and its remake. It's the only weapon capable of vanquishing the Demon King, Demaon.



The page with the Silver Darts

The Silver Darts were presumably created by Nalnedes, the only wizard to ever step foot into the Demon Realm. Their only purpose is to be used on Demaon's heart to destroy him. The remake of the movie reveals that the darts were hidden inside the first part of the scroll, with 12 of them in totals. The darts are given among the gang with two of it for each person. Eleven of them are used in a failed attempt to defeat Demaon with only the last one belonged to Gian (original) or Nobita (remake) isn't used. The final dart is used to destroy Demaon's heart after the revelation that it isn't inside the Demon King's body but as a planet in the space.