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The Sirens are mermaid appeared in Doraemon: Nobita's Great Adventure into the Underworld.


They're the servants of Demaon and were tasked to lure the gang to their island with their voice and had their ally, the Whale Demon, to devour them. They almost succeeded in luring the gang with their singing but Gian counters it with his own destructive singing voice, scaring the Sirens and forcing them to flee as well as disabling the Whale Demon thus releasing the gang from their trance. With them gone, the gang were able to cross the ocean to the mainland.


They have long hair beautiful female with pale skin and light purple tail, there are only three sirens, the lead singer is red hair and blue accessories on her head, the other two sirens had blue hair and blond hair.


The lead singer sings with playing her harp to attract the gang, while the two other sirens lies on the rock and sings.


  • The Sirens only made their appearance in the original manga and film but not in the remake. They are, however, present in the DS Game of the remake, playing a similar role as in the original movie.
  • They are based on the mythical creatures of the same name from Greek mythology.
  • In the newly drawn picture at the end of the anime comic chapter, a blond-haired mermaid is singing while playing a harp, and a red-haired mermaid is lying down and singing.