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The Sky People is a technologically advanced human civilization inhabiting Earth's sky, forming what is known as the Kingdom of Clouds.


As stated by Paruparu herself, the Sky People are ordinary human beings, rather than angels or extraterrestrials as Nobita and his friends initially suspect.


The Sky People's existence, as well as the holographic play that Paruparu shows Nobita's friends imply that human civilization used to be far more advanced in the distant past but underwent a cataclystic war. Those who remained on the surface regressed technologically, whereas a branch of humanity learnt how to solidify clouds and continued civilization there.

Science and technology[]

The Sky People are significantly more advanced than their terrestrial counterparts of the late 20th century. However, they might be equal to or even outmatched by them by the 22nd century.

Central to the very existence of their civilization is their ability to solidify clouds while keeping them bouyant, allowing them to build large cities and habitats in the sky. They also possess some sort of cloaking technology so that they remain hidden from the airplanes and satelites of the surface-dwellers.

Their cities and vehicles are powered by solar energy, and their civilization as a whole does not pollute the environment. A cloud the size of Hokkaido is covered with solar panels and tidally locked with the Sun, and the energy produced is then transmitted wirelessly through microwaves. The Sky People have also mastered levitation, allowing them to build flying saucers, hovercars, and wearable, fairy-like wings. They have also contacted aliens and are currently migrating to other planets due to rising levels of pollution, implying that they are capable of spaceflight.

Many of their facilities are also provided with devices that can synthesize food using water, light and organic substances. Their cities also possess holographic theatres.


Despite their technologically advanced and urban society, the Sky People are strict environmentalists. Some clouds are nature preserves, where they keep endangered that they rescue in the surface. Examples include moas, thylacines, glyptodons, and the Loch Ness monster.

They hold the environmentally destructive activities of the surface-dwellers in contempt, to such a degree that they attempted to destroy their civilization by drowning the Earth in what is known as the Noah Project.