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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.

Slow-Slow, Quick-Quick is an episode from the 1979 series.


Doraemon believes Nobita is too slow for his own good. He brings out the Fast and Slow Pills, and plans to use Fast on Nobita to speed him up. However, Nobita wants Doraemon to try it for himself, so he takes the pills. Growing impatient, Doraemon orders Nobita to finish his homework fast. When Nobita goes to Shizuka's house to ask about the homework, Doraemon tags along, and quickly leaves with Nobita without any questions asked.

Doraemon attempts to return back to normal by taking Slow, but accidentally took Fast instead, causing him to run at an uncontrollable speed. Nobita tries to give chase, but takes Slow instead, and slowly walks all the way home. Doraemon runs back home, interrupts Mama and runs out again.

A classmate meets Nobita, and is just in time to witness Nobita losing to a snail in a walking race. He then meets Doraemon, who stops by to ask for Nobita and quickly runs away. Papa and Mama are puzzled as to why Nobita would wait to see who would open the door for him when he returned home. Nobita fails to prevent Papa and Mama from taking Fast. When Doraemon returns to Nobita's room having the Fast effect worn off, he is being stepped on multiple times by Papa and Mama, who have entered the room running uncontrollably.


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