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The Small Light is one of Doraemon’s recurring gadgets.


The Small Light shines a light beam that can reduce the size and mass of anything or anybody it touches.


It is a green flashlight with a yellow-orange bottom. It has a blue top with four spheres on it, and a glass hemisphere that emits the light beam. It also has two buttons, the red one shrinks the target, while the yellow one serves a reverse setting as it enlarges the target back to normal size.




  • It has many different shapes and re-colors in games.
  • It is generally Shizuka's main weapon in games.
  • Dorami's Small Light is in a different color and has a flower shaped rim.
  • In early Daichohen Doraemon, Small Light and Big Light has the same design.
  • In the American English dub of the 2005 anime, it is renamed as the Shrink Ray.
  • In the Turkish dub, it is named "Küçük Işık" (Small Light) but usually called as "Fener" (The Flashlight).
  • The game Doraemon Wii: Secret Tool King Tournament gives this gadget a 1-versus-rivals minigame that is similar to Mario Party 3's Toadstool Titan, except the victims are able to use the gadget for their protection and the giant character (the soloist) starts giant and stays in giant form until the team players shine the light on his body to shrink him down to his "regular" size. The soloist wins if he manages to crush the others.