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Episode depicted in this article is from 1973 anime.
Some Cats are Weak to Rats
Nezumi ni Yowai Neko mo Aru
General Information
Broadcast by Nippon Television
Anime series 1973
Broadcast date April 22, 1973
Season 1
Episode number 4A
Doraemon Afraid of Rats
Opening Doraemon (1973 Song)
Ending Doraemon Rumba
Written by Satoshi Inoue
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Next episode Defeat the Bully

Some Cats are Weak to Rats (ねずみに弱い猫もある Nezumi ni Yowai Neko mo Aru) is the seventh episode of the Doraemon 1973 anime.


Nobita says that it would be fun to ride in a battery-powered toy tank.

"Then let's ride it." - Doraemon makes Nobita small with his Gulliver Beam Light, which makes everything bigger or smaller, and lets him ride in the chariot.

But at the same time, a large rat is rampaging in the house. Doraemon hates rats.

For the sake of peace, he decides to ride the tank to exterminate the rats, but to no avail. The rats are exposed to the rays and grow to human size. Doraemon and Nobita are horrified.

Their counterattack didn't help and they thought they were giving up, but then Mom catches the rat. She had meant to shine the flashlight on the mouse, but she accidentally made it smaller.


Gadgets used[]


Script fragment[]

Dora: Ah! It's a mouse! It's scary!
If you look, there's a little mouse on the floor squeaking.
And then it ran into a small hole in the wall. (Mouse squeaks) And Nobita, seeing this from the hallway as he struggles to get away, is utterly disgusted.



  • Scriptwriter - Satoshi Inoue
  • Storyboard - Seiji Okuda



  • This episode was found in Masami Jun's storage, albeit with no audio.
  • As far as the story is concerned, it is basically the same as the original manga chapter. The episode has an original development from before the point where the manga story ends, since the latter has eight pages. The original ending included Nobisuke, who was omitted from the anime version.
  • This episode was originally the eight. Later it became the seventh. There are still confusions in some sources that name it as the eight.
  • An auction of the script of this episode can be found in Mandarake Auction. It contains a screenshot of it in the product preview.
  • To date, this episode was never remade again. Although it is not a remake of this episode, the 1979 episode The Mouse and The Bomb has a similar theme to that of this one.