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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
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2005 anime series
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Someone Who's an Even Bigger Failure in Life Than Me Showed Up
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date May 29, 2015
Season 11
Episode number 404c
Doraemon Worse Than Me
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Someone Who's an Even Bigger Failure in Life Than Me Showed Up is an episode from 2005 anime series. The episode was based on the manga of the same name.


Tame-kun enrolled in Nobita's school as a school transferee. Nobita mentions that he scores zero every five exams, and Tame-kun is three times out of ten. In addition, Tame-Kun is no match for Nobita in races and is unable to lift the horizontal bar. Nobita is very happy about this (because of the appearance Of someone worse than him).

Nobita and he does homework together to check whether the answer was correct or not. Nobita is bored because of his slow movements, so he lies on the tatami and bites his pen. He runs a race with him on the ground that his homework could be finished in the evening, and Nobita wins the run. At dinner that night, he mentions the same with video games.

The next day, the two are called by the teacher to stand in the corner. Later, Nobita says that they can meet each other for zero points and forget to bring things together. Tame-kun responds if you can hope to get 100 points in the test, and you will not forget to take things and separate from him. After the two separated, Nobita freezes for a while and expresses dissatisfaction. Later, Gian and Suneo come over and ask Nobita to play baseball. Gian tells Nobita that he will beat him 30 times if something goes wrong, and Nobita will let him play baseball as a scapegoat.

After returning home, Nobita snickers and said that he doesn’t know what the situation will be. Doraemon takes out the "Comparison TV" (Character Replacement Video Recorder) to show Nobita what he does for multiple purposes. Nobita and Tame-kun switch to Suneo and Nobita. Nobita’s scalp is numb when he sees it. He decides to save the team’s loss. He is threatened and punished. But he is beaten by Gian. Doraemon comes to see the scarred Nobita and says he does a great job.

Not long after Tame-kun is moving again, Tame-kun says goodbye to Nobita but also says thanks to him for accepting himself and not being bullied.

In the end, Nobita chooses to fall into the "Penetration Ring" and asks Doraemon for help and appears Dumu and Nobita's photo, it originates from the photo taken by Shizuka with Polaroid before the two people race. (Because he wants to find a hole to get in.)


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  • The way Nobita mistreated Tame could be the fact that Suneo's bad attitude rubbed off on him.


The Jack in the Box Stick
2005 anime series
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