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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Something's Gonna Occur at 7 o'clock
Release date May 29, 2015
Japanese title 七時に何かがおこる
English title Something's Gonna Occur at 7 o'clock
Season number 11
Episode number 694
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Something's Gonna Occur at 7 o'clock is an episode from the 2005 series.


Nobita is entangled with a 0-point test paper, Doraemon takes out the Guiding Machine and lets Nobita look at it.

The indicator pops out a note: 7 o'clock in the evening is better.

Nobita's mother is about to look at the exam paper, and the phone rings.

Nobita goes out and meets Giant, and the indicator pop out "Kick him." Nobita kick him to make him to spit out the stuck candy.

Nobita goes to Shizuka's house to play, but when it rains heavily, Nobita goes there to hide from the rain according to the note that said "Storage Room". Nobita’s father goes there at 7pm to check if there is anything, but find the exam papers from his childhood (the same score was 0).


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