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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
Space Tarzan
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Release date September 3 and 4 1979
Japanese title 宇宙ターザン
Episode number 133 & 134 (1979)
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Space Tarzan is an episode of the 1979 anime and 2005 anime.


Space Tarzan about prehistoric men and spacemen is Nobita's favorite show but he meets the star and finds it has gone over budget too much and is close to being canceled because of falling viewing figures. He decides to help him by going 150 million years into the past to get some real dinosaurs to replace the poor models they use in the show. After a few narrow escapes, Doraemon and Nobita feed mealie pellets(which make any animal tame) to a load of dinosaurs. Doraemon fixes his time machine to a hut door so when Tai and his producers walk through the door, they are back 150 million years ago. The show becomes a success thanks to the "real looking dinosaurs and scenery" which cost nothing.


  • Doraemon
  • Nobita