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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
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2005 anime series
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Spider Web Cable
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date November 3, 2017 (First airing)
April 18, 2020 (Second airing)
Season 13 (First airing)
19 (Second airing)
Episode number 500a (First airing)
599b (Second airing)
Doraemon Color Works Spider Web Cable
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Spider Web Cable (クモノイトン Kumonoiton) is an episode of the 2005 anime series It first aired in TV Asahi on November 3, 2017 and second aired in TV Asahi on April 18, 2020.


Nobita falls from the athletic playset in the park, is ridiculed by Gian and Suneo, and cries at Doraemon as usual. To Nobita, Doraemon takes out a secret tool called "Kumono Iton".

When Doraemon stuck Kumonoiton to his hips and put a lot of effort into his stomach, a thread came out and he was surprised because he got on the wind and stretched out! In addition, the stretched thread sticks to a nearby utility pole, and a peen and thread are pulled between the room's madder and the utility pole. Nobita, who was pulled by Doraemon and got on the thread, couldn't walk well and fell, but for some reason he couldn't fall off the thread ...

According to Doraemon, this spider is a secret tool that uses the power of spider silk, which is said to be about five times stronger than steel, and will never fall or break.

Nobita puts a spider on his hips, puts a thread between the trees and the roof, and runs around in the air for great joy! Nobita, who met quietly to go to work with Tochu, came up with the idea of ​​taking him with Kumonoiton ...! ??


Episode starts when Nobita and his friends are playing on a wooden playground, however, Gian and Suneo teases Nobita for having a acrophobia, resulting him going back home crying, begging Doraemon to pull another gadget, the Spider Web Cable. Doraemon puts the gadget behind and the gadget has to use with strength in order for the thread to come out properly, then sticks it on the utility pole. Doraemon then asked Nobita to go first, but he refuses. So Doraemon grabs him and pushed him off the window and lands on the spider thread unharmed, meaning the thread won't go wobbly or as you walk on to the gadget. While they're having fun with the gadget by connecting the thread from houses to houses, Nobita managed to help the little boy to retrieve his balloon back and Shizuka to deliver a package and also joins in with Doraemon and Nobita.

Later, several children sees them in their Spider Web Cable, and wants to join in too, so the three created a humongous spider web that connects to the Tree on top of the forest mountain, Nobita's school and several electric post. We can see children playing badminton, volleyball, some of them are playing tag or watching them playing, including Doraemon playing a spinning top with a little boy tied around his body and goes dizzy after the thread comes out. At the bottom of the spider web, children are playing on the swing mid-air, inside of a cocoon going up and down. On top of the web, there's a merry-go-round, little boy doing bungee jumping, and a dazzling tunnel, leading straight to a huge castle, where Shizuka is playing a harp made out of harp with the children's watching her.

Back at the ground, Gian and Suneo saw the huge spider web at the sky, no matter how hard they try to break it using a baseball ball, cutting it with a long pruner, it shattered. After a fun time in mid-air, the children went back home, including Shizuka while Nobita and Doraemon are relaxing in a hammock, as soon as Nobita go down to take a washroom break, sneaky Gian and Suneo stole the gadget again, creating chaos around the neighborhood. Doraemon and Nobita chases them down, then Suneo tell Gian to put the thread on his behind to set a trap for them, however, a random car came by, pulling Gian and Suneo with them, causing their shorts to come of and trapping them to a random web, with confusion of Doraemon and Nobita, as the episode ends.


Gadgets Used[]

  • Spider Web Cable


  • The swinging action of Nobita and Shizuka from a building is giving references to a Spiderman Movie: Far From Home ending scene.
  • Suneo uses a "Long Pruner" scissors by attempting to cut the web, but the blade shatters since the web is made out of steel, according to Doraemon.



30sec 499PR jizen

Teaser for "Spider Web Cable" and "Proposal Strategy"


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Plus Vinegar and Minus Vinegar
2005 anime series
Around the World in an Aerostat!

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Voice Actor Role(s)
Megumi Ōhara Nobita
Yumi Kakazu Suneo
Wasabi Mizuta Doraemon
Tomokazu Seki Suneo
Subaru Kimura Gian