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Stand By Me Doraemon (Japanese: STAND BY ME ドラえもん) is a 2014 Japanese 3D computer animated anthology film based on the Doraemon manga series and directed by Takashi Yamazaki and Ryūichi Yagi. It was first released on August 8, 2014 in Japan. Bang Zoom! Entertainment premiered an English-dubbed version of the film at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 24, and in Catalonia at the La festa dels súpers 2014 in October 25-26. Another English dub was shown in cinemas in the Philippines. Stand by Me Doraemon has been released in 59 countries overall.


The plot combines the short stories "All the Way From the Country of the Future", "Imprinting Egg", "Goodbye, Shizuka-chan", "Romance in Snowy Mountain", "Nobita's the night Before a Wedding" and "Goodbye, Doraemon..." into a new complete story - from the first time Doraemon came to Nobita's house to Doraemon bidding farewell to Nobita.


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Doraemon meets Nobita

Nobita Nobi is a fifth grader who constantly gets failing grades in his subjects due to his laziness and is always bullied by his classmates Suneo Honekawa and Takeshi "Gian" Goda. His great-great grandson from the 22nd century Sewashi, who watches him everyday, travels to Nobita's timeline while bringing alongDoraemon. Sewashi reveals that if Nobita keeps up his act, he will have a disastrous future: he will marry Gian's sister Jaiko, have his private company burned down, and will be left with a great debt. To circumvent this, he orders a reluctant Doraemon to help Nobita, modifying his nose to prevent him from returning to the future unless he is successful in his task, much to his chagrin.

All efforts of Doraemon & Nobita come to an epic failure

Forced to remain in the past, Doraemon introduces his gadgets to help Nobita which helps him immensely. Though Doraemon warns Nobita not to be too dependent on his gadgets, he asks Doraemon to help him woo his crush, Shizuka Minamoto, whom Doraemon reveals as Nobita's future wife should the future be modified. However, all his efforts end up making Shizuka becoming closer to ace student, Hidetoshi Dekisugi. Nobita's attempt to be equal with Dekisugi by studying harder is futile and he decides to let go of Shizuka to make her happier, though his attempts inadvertently caused Shizuka to believe he might commit suicide. She arrives at the Nobi's residence and resists the disgust irradiated from a potion that poisoned by Nobita to help him, to which Doraemon reveals is the first step in Nobita and Shizuka's growing relationship to eventually becoming a couple.

Nobita saves Shizuka in a snow blizzard.

Upon seeing his older self rejecting Shizuka's invitation to mountain climbing, Nobita disguise himself as his older self to help Shizuka, who was stuck in a heavy blizzard. His attempts were unsuccessful, but this makes Shizuka feel that she has to accompany Nobita, saying "yes" before collapsing from cold she contracted from her earlier conversation with him. Forcing himself to remember the moment, the two are rescued by the original Nobita from the future, who claims to have recalled the memory and came to them. Nobita learns from his older self that Shizuka was answering to the latter's proposition to marry her which means that the two will indeed marry. After hearing that Shizuka's father has also accepted her daughter's spouse, Nobita and Doraemon return back to the present timeline.

"I won, by myself. Now you won't have to worry about me"
~ Nobita to Doraemon

As Nobita's future has changed for the better, Doraemon's programming commands him to return back to the future in 48 hours. Noticing that Doraemon has a hard time to leave due to his concern for Nobita, Nobita confronts and has a brutal fight with Gian to prove that he is able to defend himself without Doraemon. Gian manages to severely beat Nobita, who refuses to give up, resulting in Gian retreating after getting tired of fighting. Doraemon, concerned that Nobita is missing, leaves the house and ends up finding him bruised. Doraemon tearfully takes Nobita home before leaving in peace the next day, though not before leaving a box resembling himself, referred to as a last-minute solution. During April Fools, Nobita is pranked by Suneo by believing a tsuchinoko was in one of the pipes but a dog comes out and attacks him and tricked by Gian into believing that Doraemon has returned. Enraged, he later opens the box and drinks the potion contained within. Now capable of materializing the opposing consequences of all his statements, he curses Sueno and Gian. The dog who has bitten him before viciously attacks Sueno, who flees in terror, while Gian is brutalized by his enraged mother, completing Nobita's retribution. He returns to his place, lamenting Doraemon's premature departure while ignoring Tamako, unaware that the potion is still in effect. The items in his room wobbles and, as he opens the door, he finds a happy Doraemon appearing from the drawer again, who claims that he regained permission to remain with Nobita, much to his own confusion. Noticing that Nobita drank his potion, Doraemon correctly concludes the eventual cause of his return. The two hug and cry in joy as the film ends, intermingled with a hilarious remix of insults due to the potion's effect being still active.

Nobita after being attacked by a dog


Voice Cast

Character Voice actor
Doraemon Wasabi Mizuta
Nobita Nobi Megumi Ohara
Shizuka Minamoto Yumi Kakazu
Suneo Honekawa Tomokazu Seki
Takeshi Gouda Subaru Kimura
Hidetoshi Dekisugi Shihoko Hagino
Jaiko Gouda Vanilla Yamazaki
Sensei Wataru Takagi
Tamako Nobi Kotono Mitsuishi
Nobisuke Nobi Yasunori Matsumoto
Yoshio Minamoto Aruno Tahara
Gian's mother Miyako Takeuchi
Nobita Nobi (adult) Satoshi Tsumabuki
Nobisuke Yoshiko Kamei

Gadgets used

*- Not included in the card collection


Theme songs
Himawari no Yakusoku


Stand By Me Doraemon Original Soundtrack


Differences between the anime and manga

Title Manga, Anime 1979 and Anime 2005 Movie
All the Way From the Country of the Future The time of the day when Nobita first met Doraemon is daytime. The time of the day when Nobita first met Doraemon is night time.
Doraemon is willing to stay and help Nobita even at first. Doraemon is reluctant to stay and help Nobita at first until Sewashi programmed him to do so.
Imprinting Egg
  • Nobita drops the egg and Gian hits him, causing him to open and fall inside him. (Manga and Anime 1979)
  • Gian gets inside the egg until the 15 minutes pass. (Anime 2015)
Nobita drops the egg and Gian hits him, causing him to open and fall inside him.
Goodbye, Shizuka An angry Sensei reprimands Nobita for various reasons A worried Sensei reprimands Nobita for failing the exam
Shizuka spotted Nobita passing by on the road before he ran away from her. Shizuka spotted Nobita hanging out in the fields before he ran away from her.
Shizuka's mother is the one who receive Nobita's comics. Yoshio Minamoto is the one who receive Nobita's comic books.
  • Shizuka slaps him first before running away (Manga, Anime 1979 and 2005)
  • Shizuka runs away. (Second Version of Anime 2005)
Shizuka slaps him first before walking away.
  • The Bug Off was medicine tablet (Manga and Anime 2005)
  • The Bug Off was Potion (Anime 2005)
The Bug Off is a container of boba balls.
Romance in the Snowy Mountain Doraemon finds Nobita Doraemon is asleep and unaware that Nobita needs his help
Shizuka is not sick when mountain climbing. Shizuka is badly sick and faints.
Shizuka accepts the proposal of Nobita after the mountain climbing Shizuka accepts the proposal of Nobita during their stay inside the cave
Nobita's the Night Before a Wedding Doraemon & Nobita uses the Take-copter and peeks in the window. Doraemon & Nobita uses the Invisible cape.
Nobita tells Shizuka that he promises that he will make her happy while bursting to tears. Nobita tells Shizuka in a calm and confident way that he promises to make her happy.

Goodbye, Doraemon...

Doraemon Comes Back

  • Suneo tricks Nobita into believing about Tsuchinoko, but when Nobita use the stick to find it in the pipe in the Open Lot the dog appears and attack Nobita, but the dog did not bite Nobita's shorts and instead the dog chased him.(Manga and Anime 2005)
  • Suneo disguises himself as Doraemon and is part of the Gian's Joke (Anime 1979)
Suneo tricks Nobita into believing about Tsuchinoko, but when Nobita use the stick to find it in the pipe in the Open Lot the dog appears and attack Nobita, but the dog bites Nobita's shorts.
  • Gian, Suneo and Shizuka do not appear after the reunion of Doraemon(Manga and Anime 2005)
  • Gian, Suneo and Shizuka appear to apologize to Nobita after the reunion of Doraemon with Nobita
Gian, Suneo and Shizuka appear to celebrate the return of Doraemon after the reunion of the Doraemon with Nobita (after the credits)

Additional Scenes

Goodbye, Shizuka:

  • Nobita is walking home depressed with Doraemon instead of being alone, and the latter managed to take a peek at his grades.
  • Doraemon was watching Nobita attempting to push Shizuka away at a vantage point.
  • Shizuka flashbacks Nobita flipping Shizuka's skirt with his eyes shut and suddenly becomes concerned despite her anger.
  • Tamako stops running away in confusion after the potion's effect expires.
  • Doraemon quickly returns to the house witnessing Shizuka sobbing over Nobita instead of heading back much later off-screen.

Romance In Snowy Mountain:

  • Future Nobita arrives at the snowy mountain to rescue Shizuka and Present Nobita, instead of still remaining at his place, and as a result the two Nobitas never met.
  • Present Nobita tells Future Nobita Shizuka's answer to his question, much to both present and future Nobita's joy.


Southeast Asia

East Asia

South Asia

West Asia




  • United States (dub only broadcasted in Tokyo)

English dub

An English version of this movie was commissioned by TV Asahi and produced by Bang Zoom! Entertainment, the same company that made the English dub that aired on Disney XD US. It premiered at the Tokyo Film Festival in 2014. It resurfaced on the Japanese iTunes Store in 2015, it's also available on Amazon Prime Video Japan and on Netflix in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and the Maldives. It hasn't had a release in other countries.

As for the dub itself, it's completely uncut with no edits whatsoever. The only major dialogue difference is that Nobita's test in the "Goodbye Shizuka" segment is said to be a spelling test rather than a Japanese test. Despite this, all Japanese text has been kept intact.

The movie, alongside it's sequel, is set to finally debut on Netflix USA on December 24, 2021.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Albanian Qëndro pranë meje Doraemon! Stay close to me Doraemon!
Chinese STAND BY ME 哆啦A夢(Taiwan)/哆啦A梦:伴我同行(mainland China)
STAND BY ME Duō La A Mèng(Taiwan)/Duō La A Mèng:Bàn Wǒ Tóng Xíng(mainland China)
Stand By Me Doraemon (Taiwan)/Doraemon: Walk with Me (mainland China)
Italian Doraemon - Il film Doraemon - The Movie
Russian Дораэмон: Останься со мной Doraemon: Stay With Me
Spanish Stand by Me Doraemon Stay With Me, Doraemon
Spanish (NOA) Quédate conmigo, Doraemon Stay With Me, Doraemon
Thai STAND BY ME: โดราเอมอน เพื่อนกันตลอดไป STAND BY ME: Doraemon Friends Forever

Official trailers


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  • The plot combines the manga chapters; "All the Way from the Country of the Future", "Romance in the Snowy Mountain", "Partners of the Night", "The Night Before Nobita's Wedding" and "Good bye, Doraemon" and also the episode "Goodbye, Shizuka" & "Imprinting Egg".
  • Though the beginning is a recreation of "All the Way From the Country of the Future", it also has elements of "Doraemon Came Out!", the pilot episode for the 1973 anime:
    • Both the plot and movie start by displaying Nobita's flaws; being late for school is a flaw present in both.
    • Nobita meets Sewashi and Doraemon at night.
  • The song that plays in the beginning of the third trailer is called Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto 1 - B Flat Minor.
  • There is an appearance of the logos of Panasonic and Toyota in the movie, when Doraemon and Nobita travelled to Future.
  • Stand by Me Doraemon has been released in 60 countries.
    • This is the only Doraemon movie that released in Perisan on Iran.
    • However, Romance in the Snowy Mountain and The Night before Nobita's Wedding were somewhat merged.
  • This is the first film that does not have Nobita's name in the title.
  • In Doraemon's bedroom, there was a poster of a girl. The girl appears to be Sumire Hoshino, a character from Perman with brown hair. However, she has black hair in the movie.
  • In the movie, it was revealed that Shizuka & Nobita are married on October 24 and they got engaged 14 years before that.
  • In the future, Nobita's car has a nameplate of 09-03, referring to Doraemon's birthday.
  • This is the first Doraemon feature film to use CGI.
  • This is the first and so far only Doraemon feature film that does not feature any new characters.
  • In the English version prepared for the Filipino market, the cast is different from the US English dub cast.
  • The English version with the US cast shown at the Tokyo International film festival and available on iTunes Japan was also released with subtitles for the Arabic market.
  • According to statistics, 88.4% of the audiences cried; 47% were male while 53% were female.
  • The post movie credits are accompanied by fake outtakes. Here are some screenshots:
  • In 2015, an English subtitled version appeared on Delta Airlines flights with the Delta Studio feature. This subtitled version used the Bang! Zoom dub names for the characters, except Sue, who was accidentally called Shizuka, her original Japanese name, throughout the entire film.
  • Rira's review for the movie

    An all-female J-pop group, AKB48 reviewed the movie. 49 of the members will rate the movie from 1-5. Though majority of the members give the movie 5 Ratings, Miyazato Rira gave the movie 0 points out of 5.
    • This is the meaning of Miyazato Rira's review- "I always watch Doraemon on TV animation, so when I watched it in 3D with CG, I was surprised to how real it was. I thought Doraemon was back in the 22nd Century, but I am glad to see him again."

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