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Stand by Me Doraemon 2 (Japanese: STAND BY ME ドラえもん 2 Sutando Bai Mī Doraemon 2) is a 2020 Japanese 3D computer animated anthology film based on the Doraemon manga chapter "Grandma's Memories". It is originally scheduled to release in Japan on August 8, 2020, but was later postponed indenfinitely in favor of Doraemon: Nobita's New Dinosaur movie postponed release due to Coronavirus outbreak.


A cat-shaped robot, Doraemon, from the 22nd century. On the day of <now> when Doraemon and Nobita are together, Nobita finds a stuffed bear in the room. It was a memorable item that was repaired by a grandma who passed away in the kindergarten. Nobita, who remembered her grandma and no longer stopped tearing, suggested that she would like to go to see her with a time machine. Doraemon objected, but departed to <Past>, where Nobita was 3 years old, on condition that he would return as soon as he saw the situation without meeting directly!

It was Nobita who kept his feelings down and looked secretly from behind the scenes. A grandma who is astonished to see Nobita's appearance as an elementary school student and accepts her as gently as she did at that time. Then he suddenly murmured, "I wanted to see Nobita's bride at a glance."

Doraemon and Nobita's big adventure begins in the <Past>, <Present>, and <Future> stages to fulfill the wishes of my beloved grandma!! Can Nobita safely show his future bride to the grandmother?


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  • It is a second Doraemon's CGI Movie.
  • It also second film that does not have Nobita's name in the title.
  • This film is the sequel of Stand by Me, Doraemon which was released in 2014.
  • This is the second Doraemon movie to be postponed due to Coronavirus outbreak.

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