Sticker of Fear is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime.


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Gadgets used

  • Sticker of Fear
  • Unmanned/Unknown eyeglass that shoots rainbow lasers


  • This episode is the one of the darkest episodes in the whole series. the other being Gian is a Genius. Even the unknown English CLW fandub voice actor states Noby (Nobita) accadiently overdoes in this episode for this reason.
  • Like the Rank Badges, The Sticker of Fear's effect can be removed by removing it or removing the clothes sticked with this gadget.
  • Sticker of Fear usage is listed below:
    1. Day-sleeping: Doraemon uses it to forces Nobita to finish his homework without sleeping.
    2. Fire: Nobita uses it to causes his father to afraid of the fire.
    3. Autographs: Nobita uses it to causes Suneo to afraid of these autographs he get from famous stars so others can freely get it, including Nobita.
    4. Cat: Nobita uses it to causes Gian thinking cat is a monster and afraid of it so Nobita can get back the autograph.
    5. Nobita Nobi
    6. Sticker of Fear: Unknown, it was used by Doraemon on Nobita, thought it was offscreen.
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