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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Summer! Mountains! The Nobi Family's Camp (夏だ!山だ!野比家のキャンプ Natsuda! Yamada! Nobi-ka no kyanpu) is an episode of Doraemon (2005 series). It is a television original.


Summer is here, Nobita, Doraemon and the others go camping in the mountain. Nobita's father suddenly discovers that he doesn't bring the tent. Nobita's mother is surprised to find that she has also forgotten the things for barbecue. Nobita asks Doraemon to take out "Anywhere Door" to retrieve the forgotten items, but it is under repair, "Gourmet Table Kake" is sent to be washed, and Take-copter is not brought with him. Doraemon takes out "Solid Paint" and draws a hammock, and Nobita also uses it to draw a chair. But the painting doesn't look like it, and the chair collapses as soon as Nobita sits down. Nobita's father uses a paint to draw a big tent, a table and many chairs. Later, Nobita and Doraemon see Suneo and his family are having a barbecue. Suneo says that the tools he uses for camping are bought from Switzerland. Nobita paints a piece of steak, but it tastes bad to him (equal to eating paint). After Nobita and the others return, Dad goes fishing and Mom goes to pick mushrooms. Nobita sees Suneo and his friends are playing kayaking, so he paints a rubber boat, but accidentally drowns (because the paint in the brush is afraid of water). Nobita and Doraemon sre riding in a hot air balloon drawn with paint, but it is blown by the wind and hits a big tree. Nobita and the others who survived have just escaped but are chased by a bear and have no choice but to escape, but there wis no way ahead. Nobita and the others can only draw a suspension bridge, but they escape from danger (the bear falls in the process). But unexpectedly, Nobita and the others are attacked by a chasing bear. Nobita can only draw an orangutan to deal with the bear. When Nobita and the others returnes to their parents' place again, Suneo takes the gadget away from them unprepares and draws a tree house. As a result, it raines and the tree house melts. The orangutan paints by Nobita also goes to Suneo's place to eat, causing Suneo and the others to be trapped in the tree. (Nobita and the others use gadget to draw the location of the tent supplies under the tree, so they will not be caught in the rain)


Gadgets used[]

  • Solid Paint


Yuya Takahashi served as screenplay, Shigeo Koshi served as storyboard artist and Tomokazu Fukke directed this episode.





Teaser for "Summer! Mountains! The Nobi Family's Camp" and "Instant Robot"