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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Summer Vacation In The 22nd Century
Release date July 19, 2019
Japanese title 22世紀で夏休み
English title Summer Vacation In The 22nd Century
Season number 15
Episode number 567c
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Summer Vacation In The 22nd Century is an episode of the Doraemon (2005 anime).

Plot Summary[]

Doraemon, who was struck by Dorami asking, "Why don't you go back to the 22nd century and relax for about a day?" Sewashi told me to take it easy here because he would normally be taken care of by Nobita, but Dorami also went out, and Doraemon was restless without doing anything.

So, I decided to help Sewashi to make a robot for his summer vacation homework. We take out "Kikaisodateru", which grows into a real robot just by pouring liquid on a toy, to Sewashi, who has only cheap parts. However, the robot grew too much due to too much liquid, and it became sloppy ...

Even after that, Doraemon couldn't make a robot well with the tools that Doraemon put out, and Doraemon was told by Sewashi that he was afraid to take a rest. Even so, I just wanted to touch Sewashi ...! ??


Doraemon is invited by Dorami to take a vacation back to the 22nd century. Doraemon worried about Nobita, but Dorami came and picked up Doraemon. After coming to the 22nd century, Dorami was summoned by her friends. Doraemon saw Sewashi doing his homework and Sewashi joked that he isn't like Nobita. Gambo called Sewashi and told Sewashi his robot is finished and he will do a robot fight after Sewashi finish making his robot. Sewashi was confused when he wanted to make a robot, Doraemon then took out the "Machine Grower" gadget and watered it into toys and the toy turned big but then grew old. Doraemon then issued "Inventing Machine" and Sewashi used it to make robots. But after completion what is formed is Gonsuke. Doraemon used "Deluxe Light" and shines it on Gonsuke, but suddenly the battery runs out and the head changes. Doraemon then took out his device to take the robot from the television. But instead of being out of the robot, the monster is out. Sewashi told Doraemon to rest. Sewashi then worked on it himself but Doraemon gave Sewashi "Fast and Slow Pills". Instead of speeding up Sewashi to do it, he mistakely gave him slow pill, makes him slow and lazy. Sewashi finally finished making his robot and took it for a robot fight. During the battle, Sewashi's robot cannot defeat the Gambo robot. Then Doraemon released "Time Stupidity Bomb" and threw it at Gambo and Sewashi's robots. Then Sewashi and Gambo robots acted strangely, Sewashi then got mad at Doraemon. Doraemon apologized and returned to the 21st century.


Gadgets used[]


  • Nobita has one of the least lines in this episode.