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Suneo's Luxuriously Poor Birthday!
Gōka! Suneotto no binbōbāsudē
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date February 5, 2010
Season 6
Episode number 201
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Suneo's Luxuriously Poor Birthday! is a birthday episode of Suneo in the Doraemon (2005 anime).


Suneo invites Nobita, Shizuka and Gian to his birthday. At first, the 3 of them are worried about what present they should give to Suneo, since Suneo is rich and already has many things that he wants. At last, Doraemon convinced them that as long as they give Suneo something with all their heart, Suneo would appreciate it.

However, Suneo didn't! Nobita gave a piggy bank, Shizuka gave handmade cookies, and Gian gave a coupon book for Suneo to use, which is about Gian making a happy face after being angry. However, Suneo compared each of these gifts to something better that he already owned. The others angrily left the birthday party, and gathered at Nobita's room.

Doraemon had a brilliant idea, which was to use a spy camera to view how Suneo is feeling. They saw that Suneo was indeed looking very miserable and sad. Shizuka convinced the others that they should give Suneo a second chance, since they are still friends after all. After much persuasion, the others relented, and they went over to Suneo's birthday party again.

When they reached, Suneo said that he already repented, which made the others happy. However, he revealed that what he realised was that everyone else is jealous that he is rich, and handsome, and that was the reason why they left the birthday party. After hearing this, everyone was feeling with anger. Suneo begged Doraemon for a birthday gift, which was to becomepoor for once and live a commoner's life, just like the others. Nobita told Doraemon to accept, so Doraemon took out the What-If-Phone-Box to fulfill Suneo's wish.

As soon as Suneo made his wish, his mother got a call that Suneo's father's company has gotten bankrupt. They immediately packed up all their things to go to find another place to stay. Suneo's mother (Mrs Honewaka) and Chiruchiru were very frantic in the process, while Suneo can be seen smiling happily. The others went back to Nobita's room to spy on what is happening.

Meanwhile, Mrs Honewaka, Chiruchiru, and Suneo met a depressed-looking Mr Honewaka at the bridge. He apologised for failing his family, but Mrs Honewaka enthusiastically said that family should stay together in tough times no matter what. They then went to the back mountain (后山), and lived in one of the caves. They quickly adapted to their new life, with Suneo learning how to make a fire from pieces of wood, Mrs Honewaka still putting on makeup, Mr Honewaka and the cat hunting for food together.

At night as they fall asleep with an open roof with a fantastic view of lots of stars, Mr Honewaka told Suneo that in both the rich and poor eyes, the stars still look the same, and everyone is still equal. The next morning, they started to carry on with their new lives.

Doraemon and the others thought that Suneo has finally learnt how to be humble, and therefore decided to join his birthday party again. When they arrived, Suneo still disappointed them! For Nobita's piggy bank, he showed a wooden piggy bank that his cousin carved from wood. For Shizuka's homemade cookies, he let them try fresh cookies that his mother made from scratch. As for Gian's coupon book, Suneo commented that it was made from cheap paper. He then showed everyone the new paper that his father has produced from scratch, which was WAY more valuable.

Everyone realised that either rich or poor, Suneo would always be the same and still find a way to brag. Again, they furiously stormed away and left Suneo behind. Meanwhile, Suneo was left confused, then he begged Doraemon to take out the What-If-Phone-Box again, so he could go back to his original life.

After everything got back to normal again, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, and Doraemon were invited to another party, this time, the "Suneo's reflection party". Suneo first started off by saying that he was very sorry, then gifted each one of them a present. The others were initially glad as they thought Suneo had finally learnt his lesson.

To everyone's horror, the gifts that Suneo gifted them were the items that he compared and bragged their gifts to. Suneo came to a conclusion that everyone would always be jealous of his life. The episode ends with Gian and Nobita beating Suneo up for his rudeness and bluntness, with Shizuka ignoring Suneo's pleas for help.


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  • During the beginning part of Suneo's apologizing speech, Shizuka's clothes was changed to a yellow jacket and red skirt for some reasons but quickly reverted back to pink jacket and blue skirt. This is likely due to oversight.


  • Nobita's gift for Suneo is a piggy bank while Shizuka's gift is a cookie. Gian's gift is the "deed papers".
  • In the Indonesian dub Shizuka's bikini bottom is censored due to "mature content in children cartoon".