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The most important thing in this world right now is money, followed by brains and inspiration.

— Suneo Honekawa

Suneo Honekawa (骨川 スネ夫(ほねかわ すねお) Honekawa Suneo), also known by his nickname Sneech in the American and UK versions, is one of the main characters of the Doraemon franchise.

He sometimes serves as the secondary antagonist in some comic chapters and animated episodes when he is bad or evil of the franchise.

He is a spoiled rich kid who likes to show off his cool stuff to his friends and make them jealous. The friends he hangs out with mostly are Nobita, Doraemon, Gian and Shizuka. He sometimes brags to his friends to things like meeting up with famous stars.

He gets around ¥5000 (US$40, £25.65) in monthly pocket money and buys cool toys and comic books, but he never lets Nobita touch his comics and cool toys, which provokes his anger and jealousy. He usually hangs out with Gian to think he is the coolest kid in the world like Gian and often bullies, irritates and/or beats up Nobita with Gian. Sometimes, his encomiastic tendencies come into play against Gian's threats. He is also a member of the Giants baseball team and while he isn't particularly proficient, he still somewhat surpasses the weaker Nobita.

He is portrayed as a rather weak sidekick, only offering help to Gian for personal gain, although sometimes Gian demands from or even threatens him.


He is a short and very thin boy with black hair and big black eyes.

Suneo 1973

Suneo in the 1973 anime

He usually wears a teal/seafoam-green shirt, brown pants, red socks, and black shoes. His nose shape is different from that of later versions. In this version, it is a ball.


Suneo in the 1979 remake.

In the early episodes of the 1979 anime, he wore a teal polo shirt and brown shorts, but this was changed in the later episodes of the 1979 series and he wore a white shirt (With a green overshirt) and yellow ochre shorts. In this version, Suneo's nose shape is similar to Shizuka, Dekisugi, and Tamako.

Suneo Honekawa - 2005 anime

Suneo in the 2005 anime, before the 2017 animation update

Suneo 2005 anime ID

Suneo after 2017 animation update in the 2005 anime

In the 2005 anime, he has usually a purple or blue shirt and dark green pants. His hair is pointed at the end. His nose shape is now similar to Nobita's.

Card n5 1

Suneo in Stand by Me Doraemon

The CGI Suneo has realistic black hair pointing towards the front and wears a teal shirt and navy blue shorts with navy blue shoes and red socks. In Stand by Me Doraemon, Suneo has afro hair when he is an adult.


Suneo's personality is described as a cunning, prideful, cocky, arrogant, and narcissistic, as he always brags about unusual (and expensive) stuff including toys, comics, etc, he often brags about his dad's position as a president director of a company and holds a deep respect towards him (he wants to be the successor of the company). His highest and most "easy-to-see" personality is narcissism, in which often he likes to look in the mirror and talk about how handsome he is (like the queen in Snow White). Some of the stories start with Suneo showing off some new video game or toy which evokes Nobita's envy and irritation. He has extensive knowledge of science and is a talented artist and designer.

He has the habit of inviting Gian and Shizuka to see something or go somewhere but always leaves Nobita out with one excuse or another. When he did invite Nobita to go somewhere, it's either to provoke Nobita or under threat from Shizuka. He is also cunning and has a way with words, that even Gian is always pleased by his "praise" in singing and taking adults' hearts by praising them. However, despite his arrogant personality, he has a deep side which is a caring, kind, sensitive, supportive, and regretful side. It is shown in many episodes that deep down, he actually feels sorry for Nobita when Gian is beating him up.

He is still a bed-wetter so he sleeps in the bathroom. He considers this humiliating habit as a major weakness in his composure. Suneo is also very self-conscious about his height, being the shortest kid in his class. His personality when he is in trouble or his friend's life is in danger however, is quite different and he is a lot braver and is ready to help his friends. He's the only one in the group who acts insane during a situation, showing more of his psychotic/insane side.

Suneo is proven to be very careless of the environment when he tried to dump garbage into the ocean much to Doraemon's rage and passion for nature. He is also quite cruel towards animals. For instance, he purposely teased one of the macaques that resemble Nobita by offering it a banana but then swipes it away from the monkey. He even once attempted to catch a rabbit that Nobita first found along with Gian.

Suneo's high intelligence of tactics and strategies is best shown in Peeking-a-boo Hat, where he took on the shrewd revenge on Gian for telling the owner of the manga to Sensei. With the aid of Doraemon's gadget, he executed the plan, sucessfully tricked Sensei and retrieved his manga back. Not only that, Suneo also blackmailed Gian's 0 point test paper to Sensei where he hid in in another manga, granting his successful revenge on Gian.

Whenever he is in so much pain or have been greatly humiliated, he usually cries for his mother.


Suneo's mother gives him things without considering whether or not it's good for him.

Suneo's father isn't described in great detail, but it is mentioned that he has friends who are comic writers, movie directors, etc., and that he's a very successful businessman in his life, which contributed to the family wealth.

He has a younger brother, Sunetsugu, who lives in New York with Suneo's uncle. He respects him a lot, but only because of his lies and bragging.

Suneo's grandmother uses old wives' stories to impart values and good habits to Suneo.

He also has a cousin called Sunekichi who seems to be similarly wealthy.



Doraemon! Please help us!

VideoCapture 20200407-161648

Doraemon, Suneo, and Gian

Doraemon and Suneo are good friends. He also cares for him like he does for Shizuka, Nobita, and Gian and tries to keep them out of danger. Doraemon is one of the few who does not get bothered by Suneo's boasting but instead takes out an even cooler gadget to show Suneo. Suneo used to be jealous of Nobita because he has a cool robot cat (I, Honekawa Doraemon) but it is shown now that he is pretty happy with his own friendship with Doraemon, and does not envy Nobita as much anymore. In an episode, after winning a race car match, he says that he needs Doraemon as the prize, however, it resulted as cheating and another episode in which to show the talents he doesn't have, he uses a Doraemon's gadget to make the opposites of it.

Nobita Nobi

Here, you can read my comic! I'll get some snacks for you!

— Suneo to Nobita after Nobita rescued him from being beaten up by Gian.


Suneo and Nobita

Suneo is both Nobita's arch-rival and friend. Whenever Suneo flaunts his material wealth with everyone, Nobita's jealousy is very easily provoked. He is often seen with Gian being forced to bully Nobita, though deep down he sometimes actually feels sorry for him. He has a habit of inviting Gian and Shizuka to something or someplace, but almost always excludes Nobita with a weak excuse. (A common excuse being "There is only place for three people" or he directly insults Nobita to make him very miserable). He is shown to be quite sadistic when it comes to ruining Nobita's good mood with or without Gian around. He seems to enjoy destroying Nobita's self-esteem and smile. Suneo sometimes blames Nobita for every bad deed Gian comes to know about, like drawing Gian on the school board. Despite their height difference, Suneo considers himself tougher and way better than Nobita in every way, which makes him quite intimidating to Nobita even without Gian around. Even Suneo would betray Nobita by pinning his misdemeanors on him in order to avoid possible punishment and Gian's violent confrontations. Nobita almost always gets back at him for said events with one of Doraemon's gadgets. He'd even steal them from him either because Nobita's tendency of showing them off to him or simply he wanted them for his own selfish purposes. On the other side of this, they are shown to be laughing and joking together in some scenes, and they sometimes gang up on Gian (possibly as revenge for Suneo's forced affiliation with Gian, and Nobita's constant beatings). Nobita and Suneo are seen as good friends when they are not arguing and conflicting with each other.

Shizuka Minamoto

Suneo-san, you're an amazing artist!

— Shizuka commenting on Suneo's drawing.


Suneo and Shizuka

Suneo and Shizuka are good friends. He invites Shizuka, Nobita, Gian, and sometimes Doraemon to his house and tries to ask them to come with him at trip (in which Nobita rarely gets a chance to come with them). The only time Shizuka threatened to reject Suneo's invitation to one of his luxurious trips was when Suneo purposely excluded Nobita one too many times to which Suneo was forced to invite Nobita in order for Shizuka to come. Shizuka also apparently admires Suneo's drawing talent, as shown in some episodes, and Suneo equally admires her cooking talent like many other people.

Suneo & Shizuka sometimes argue during their adventures. One of their arguments is that Suneo tells them to give up the dinosaur Piisuke while Shizuka disagrees and they both end up arguing for minutes (Nobita's Dinosaur 2006).

Takeshi Gouda

Of course I'll let you see my homework! We're good friends, right?

— Suneo to Gian after Gian asked if he could see his homework in Nobita's Dinosaur.

Goda Takeshi (Gian) and Suneo Honekawa 2011

Gian and Suneo are shown to be really good friends, but occasionally Gian will beat him up and Suneo sometimes says that he dislikes Gian. In one episode, Suneo commented that Gian thinks that Suneo and Nobita are objects to hit, not friends. That remark left Doraemon laughing but Nobita seemed to agree to that. Gian is often seen with Suneo, but Suneo sometimes only acts with Gian to keep him happy. Whenever Suneo does or says something that angers Gian, Suneo would lie to him that Nobita is responsible for all of his misdemeanors in order to avoid getting beaten up by Gian. Sometimes Gian comes to Suneo's house to study but ends up eating all his food, much to Suneo's dismay. When it comes to getting his hands on Doraemon's gadgets, including anti-anger types, Suneo would take full advantage by insulting Gian and then use the gadgets to avoid getting beaten up by him. For example, Suneo used the Now-Now Stick to keep Gian's anger in check but ended up failing in the end.


  • His name roughly means 'eternal hero'.
  • It is possible that in the American adaptation of the comic, his name "Sneech" is in fact a nickname like Noby and Big G. This is implied in the second volume of the comic where in one panel his mother refers to him as Suneo instead of "Sneech".
  • Suneo Honekawa is similar to Sunemi from Chinpui in his character since they can be spoiled brats.
  • Suneo is the oldest out of the boys (in 2005 series, excluding Doraemon), being born on February 29 followed by Gian, born on June 15, and then Nobita, born on August 7. It's often very easy to confuse Suneo for being the youngest of the boys instead of Nobita as he was originally said to be born 1 year later than the rest of the group, so Suneo would be in the same grade as the rest of the group because of the April 1 cut off date for Japanese schools. However, in The Day When I Was Born as Suneo and Gian were shown as babies on the day that Nobita was born, this implies that Suneo was born in the same year as Gian and Nobita, so he is 6 months older than Nobita and 4 months older than Gian, so Suneo should be in one grade above than the rest of the group.
  • All of his relatives have the same fox-like face and a similar show-off personality, with the exception of Sunetsugu and his father, who are somewhat less of a show-off.
  • Suneo and Toungari from Kiteretsu Daihyakka (another Fujiko F. Fujio comic/animated series) both have similarities between each other.
  • While most of the other kids wear white socks, Suneo is the only one who sometimes wears red or gray socks.
  • Suneo used to have a Porsche 911 Carrera but it was damaged by Gian in the mirror world.
  • The Japanese version of the series shows that Suneo wants to be a fashion designer when he grows up, but in the Bang Zoom/LUK English versions, his dream is to be an actor or rockstar.
  • His house has Fiber-Optic cable.
  • In the 1973 series and in some movies and episodes of the 1979 series, Doraemon refers to Suneo as "Suneo-kun". Currently, he calls Suneo by his name and does not use any of the Japanese suffixes. In some 2005 series episodes and movies, he still refers him as "Suneo-kun" but rarely or when controlled by Suneo's Friendship Capsule.
  • Among the main characters (aside from Doraemon himself), Suneo is the second smartest.
  • Suneo's most hated food is corn. He dislikes carrots as well as mentioned in Nobita and the Birth of Japan.
  • Suneo can play the electric guitar.
  • Suneo has a habit of bribing or blackmailing his friends.
  • Suneo Gian Nobita Shizu Mami

    Suneo with Shizuka, Nobita, Gian and Mami

    Suneo made a guest appearance in the show Esper Mami in the episode Lie×Lie=Panic. He used "ore" instead of "boku" in that episode.
    • He appears in a scene along with Nobita, Shizuka and Gian (Doraemon replaces Gian in the manga). He is the only one who has a speaking role among the characters mentioned.
  • Possibly, Carla, Sarah, Mozo, and Piina refers to Suneo as "Suneo-san".
  • Like Gian, he is also Doraemon, Nobita, Dekisugi, and Sewashi's frenemy.

Names in different languages

Language Name
مازن (before)
سونيو (present)
Mazen (before)
Suneo (present)
Flag of Bangladesh
সুনিও হোনেকাওয়া
Suneo Honekawa
Flag of PhilippinesFilipino
Flag of ChinaChinese
骨川脛夫(Literal translation)
骨川小夫(Official translation)
Gǔ Chuān Jìng Fū
Gǔ Chuān Xiǎo Fū
Flag of United StatesEnglish Flag of United KingdomEnglish
Flag of PhilippinesFilipino
Flag of India
सुनियो ओनेकावा
Suniō Ōnēkāwa
Flag of JapanJapanese
骨川 スネ夫
Honekawa Suneo
Flag of South KoreaKorean
왕비실, 호네카와 스네오
Wang Bi-sil, "King" and "Unpractical"
Honekawa Suneo Direct translation of Japanese name.
Flag of ThailandThai
โฮเนคาว่า ซึเนะโอะ
Honekawa Suneo
سنیو ہونیکاوہ
Flag of VietnamViatnamese
Xêkô (before)
Honekawa Suneo (present)


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