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Super Gloves (スーパー手袋, Sūpā tebukuro, literally "Super Gloves") is a gadget that looks like a pair of rubber gloves. The gloves are made of synthetic rubber of layered particles, allowing the wearer able to perform various physical activities with great force and less effort. It is white in the 1973 anime, it is green in the 1979 anime and it is orange in the 2005 anime and blue in the movie or 2005 remake.


Super Gloves allow the user to perform various physical activities with increased strength, similar to Superman. The strength is described "as strong as Hercules".



Appearances in Games[]

Doraemon Wii: Secret Tool King Tournament[]

There is a 1-versus-rivals minigame that hosts this gadget. This mini-game is quite unusual since the soloist has to flee as his opponents hurl rocks at him with the gloves. If a rock touches his body as it falls, the soloist is defeated and the team players win. However, if he manages to escape, the soloist wins.