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Take-copter or Bamboo Copter ("The Hopter" in the US English dub and manga) is a gadget of 22nd century which is used by humans mostly.


The Take-copter is a small yellow colored gadget consisting of horizontally spinning rooters guided by a thin shaft which connects to a wide base. It can easily fit into a normal pocket present in pants or trousers. Sometimes, it consists of a button at the back or on top.

In 1973 anime, the Take-copter had a wider and conical base and the middle part seemed like an antennae.

In 1979 anime and 2005 anime, it had a semi spherical base and was smaller than the 1973 one.

In Stand by Me Doraemon, it had a brown colored suction cap at the base.

Dorami's Take-copter is generally pink colored.

Mini-Doras' Take-copters look exactly same as Doraemon's but they are very small on the basis of size.



  • Users can use it to fly from one place to another by just thinking of the direction they wanna move in.
  • It can be put anywhere on the body.
  • It can be used to travel long distances for long period of time.
  • It can carry heavy loads.
  • The speed can be customized by the user.


  • Does not contain any safety measures and is easily paralyzed.
  • Has a limited carrying and power capacity. This causes issues for endurance trips, heavy load and miscellaneous hazards.



Original Manga
  • Chapter 001:All the Way From a Future World
  • Chapter 002:Prophecy of Doraemon
  • Chapter 008:Chin Up to the Ancestors
  • Chapter 027:Wolf's Home
  • Chapter 406:The Time Machine is lost!
  • Chapter 501:□ ○ Phobia
  • Chapter 531:Freeze-Framing Him
  • Chapter 665:Hot Letter to Gian
  • Chapter 666:Obligation Potion
  • Chapter 676:Gulliver, the Troublemaker
  • Chapter 730:Suneo's Incredible Fort
  • Chapter 768:Jaiko, Please Don't Cry
  • Chapter 772:Hamelin's Trumpet
  • Chapter 796:Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Chapter 802:Going Too Far! The Wish Achieving Machine
  • Chapter 819:Excellent Look Spray
  • Chapter 835:The War of the Handmade Missiles
  • Chapter 860: The Man Who Comes From Garapa Planet
Special Chapters
  • Chapter 45:The Promise with Kawataro
Plus Chapters
Color Works
  • Chapter 085:Doraemon Comes From The Future

1973 Anime
1979 Anime
2005 Anime

Video Games[]

Doraemon: Nobita and the Green Giant Legend DS[]

The Take-copter is one of the action gadgets of Doraemon. It allows him to fly around. It uses battery, which recharges when not being used. When it's battery runs out, Doraemon descends slowly yet rather uncontrollably. A player may spam the Y button so that Doraemon may get flight and descends further forward. Unlike in the TV shows, Doraemon cannot use other gadgets whilst flying using the Take-copter and neither he can transform into Nobita, but the player can still summon assist other characters.

It is listed under number 32 out of 61 gadgets in the game.

Doraemon Wii: Secret Tool King Tournament[]

The Take-copter is a gadget which changes all of the dice's surfaces to 6 dots.

Take Koputā (minigame)[]

The Take-copter also appears in this game.

Hirari Manto[]

The Take-copter also appears in this game.


The name "Take-copter" combines the words take tombo (bamboo dragonfly, the Japanese name for bamboo-copter), and herikoputa, meaning helicopter. It was also used to be called "heri-tombo".

Its Japanese name "Take-copter" (タケコプター) is a portmanteau of タケ' [Translation - "Take"] (Bamboo) and コプター [Translation - "Herikoputaa"] (Helicopter).

Its English name "Hopter" is a portmanteau of Hop and Copter.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Portuguese ({{Br|<Europe>}}) Gorrocóptero Caprrocopter
Portuguese ({{Br|<Brazil>}}) Girocóptero
Spanish (Spain) Gorrocóptero Caprrocopter


  • In the first chapter of the Doraemon manga, the Take-copter was called "Dragonfly Helicopter", but was changed to Take-copter afterwards.
  • In the Doraemon Theme Song the Take-copter is referred to in its Japanese name, "Takekoputaa". [Transliterated Lyrics: Minna, minna, minna, kanaete kureru; Fushigina pokke de kanaete kureru.; Sora wo jiyuu ni tobitai na!; (Doraemon's "adlib") Hai! Takekoputaa!; An an an; tottemo daisuki; Doraemon.]
  • Due to mistranslation, the Take-copter's name is different in almost every international version of Doraemon.
    • In the manga publications and anime dubbing by Tora Aman (Malaysian manga publication company), the Take-copter was known as "Buluh Terbang" (means 'Flying Bamboo'), "Pepatung Buluh" (means 'Bamboo Dragonfly' or 'Dragonfly Bamboo') and "Takekopter", the current accepted name. It is sometimes pronounced as "thay-key-copter" instead in anime dubbings.
      • In the Hindi version, the Take-copter is called Bamboo-Copter. It was actually referred to as the take-copter (take pronounced like the regular English word 'take' and not 'Tā-kē') in some of the early episodes.
      • In Thai, is it referred as คอปเตอร์ไม้ไผ่ (Translated as "Bamboo Copter").
      • In the Turkish version, the Take-copter doesn't have an official name, and is only referred to as "Propeller".
      • In the American English manga and anime dub, it is called The Hopter.
      • In the Indonesian version, it's called the "Baling-baling Bambu" (literally "Bamboo Propeller").
      • In the Bengali dub it is referred to as বাঁশের হেলিকোপটার (Bāshēr Helicopter). The word 'Bāsh' (the 'a' pronounced as in 'dart' or 'car') means 'bamboo' in Bengali, so Bāshēr Helicopter means bamboo helicopter.
    • Almost every LUK International dub uses a different name, with nearly all of them meaning a similar thing. For example, the Balearic and Mainland Catalan dubs call it the "casquet volador" (literally "Flying Cap") and the Galician dub calls it the "gorrócoptero" (literally "Copter Cap") and then the "casco voador" (literally "Flying Helmet") in late episodes and in the 2005 anime series. The Basque dub simply called it the "Takekoptero". However, the line where Doraemon announces the Take-copter's name in the 1979 anime series intro was instead translated as "Bai, egia da hori!" (literally "Yes, that's true!"). This serves as a comment on the previous line of the song, which, in Basque, says: "Katu kosmikoa magoa ere bada" (literally "The cosmic cat is also a magician").
      • In the European Portuguese dub of the movies made by Cantinho da Música it is called "capacete voador" (literally "Flying Helmet"), although in the Santa Claus Audiovisuais dub it is called "gorrócoptero" just like in the Castilian/European Spanish dub.
    • The Malaysian English dub of the anime's name for the gadget is unknown since the intro is sung with a heavy accent, though it can be presumed it is "Gadget Copter".
  • The Take-copter also has different colors.
  • In 2112: The Birth of Doraemon, the yellow colored Doraemons use green colored Take-copters.
  • The Take-copter from the 1973 anime was named Heritonbo (ヘリトンボ), the name used in the early manga.
  • Nobita is commonly seen carrying a Take-copter in his pocket.
  • A similar gadget called the Bambooshoot-copter is used in the Parallel Planet, it does not have enough speed and can also cause the user to crash straight down.
  • Shippo used a similar device like Take-copter in Inuyasha (episode 164), albeit it was powered by his fox magic instead of machinery.
  • The Bamboo copter is rarely shown to have a button in general episodes.
  • The Hindi dub calls it Bamboo-copter, but the opening song in most anime versions refers it to Helicopta, maybe due to mistranslation.