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Tax Bird is a gadget that collects tax out of your income money, savings, and allowance. The tax increases proportionately for those who have more money.


The gadget takes form of a bird-shaped box with buttons and stick for input the setting. The beak is used to take in the tax which is then stored in the main body.


  • First, a group of people must agree in allowing the gadget to tax their income as well as current saving. Once started, Tax Bird will begin to check each person's current saving and collect tax based on amount.
  • The higher saving & income, the higher the tax
    • 10% tax for those having less than or equal to 1,000 yen
    • 30% tax for those having between 1,001 and 10,000 yen
    • 50% tax for those having between 10,001 and 20,000 yen
    • 70% tax for those having above 20,000 yen
  • Those who tries to resist the tax collection will be punished with electric beam. 
  • Tax Bird can only be used to collect tax from the above group of people. If the member's saving is transferred to outsider then the money cannot be taxed.
  • The higher the saving and income, the higher the tax.
  • Those with no saving and income cannot be taxed.
  • Once sufficient amount of tax is collected, it can then be spend by the group of people based on agreement.

List of Tax collected[]

Tax Bird Various To collect tax to be used by the group
  • Doraemon - 10 yen
    • 10% of 100 yen held by himself
  • Nobita - 21,050 yen
    • 10% of 500 yen monthly allowance from Tamako
    • 70% of 30,000 yen by Uncle Nobirou
  • Shizuka - 11,200 yen
  • Dekisugi - 49,000 yen
  • Kaneo - 91,800 yen
  • Suneo - 0 yen (transferred his entire saving to his mother, tax cannot be collected)
  • Gian - 1 yen (no saving and no income) (Tax bird was destroyed before the tax could be collected)
    • 10% of 10 yen coin found by himself