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Nobita with Ten Commandments Tablet

Ten Commandments Tablet (十戒石板) is a gadget that allows the user to create any rule that they want up to total of ten rules. The rules themselves are absolute, and anyone who attempts to break the rule will be punished by lightning strike.

However, the later rules can overwrite the one before them.


Doraemon brought out this gadget to prevent Tamako from cutting Nobita's monthly allowance.

List of the rules[]

  • Rule 1: Don't cut Nobita's allowance.
  • Rule 2: Cannot take back the gadget that you lend.
  • Rule 3: Don't bully Nobita.
  • Rule 4: Don't gossip about Nobita.
  • Rule 5: You cannot refuse Nobita's order.
  • Rule 6: Don't bite Nobita
  • Rule 7: Follow Nobita's order
  • Rule 8: Do not touch Shizuka
  • Rule 9: Always give your snack to Nobita.
  • Rule 10: Don't create your own rules as you want. (As a result, Nobita were struck by lighting for doing that.)