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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Act Predictor Lens
Release date February 12, 2016
Japanese title することレンズ
English title The Act Predictor Lens
Season number 12
Episode number 431b
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The Act Predictor Lens is an episode from the 2005 series.


Episode starts at Shizuka and Nobita inside of her room and looks at the toy box, which is a mice popping out of it, and that gives him an idea. He returns to his house few minutes later and we can see Doraemon reading a manga comic and Nobita asked him to open the "Toy Box", but looks at Nobita suspiciously. Doraemon grabs the gadget without even telling it and proceeds to look at him with his lens on, then his faced changes thinking that he is exposed by the prank, well it happened. Doraemon screams at him out of his room and proceeds to throw things at him, including his study table and a chair. Nobita apologizes and asked Doraemon how did he find out, which is, The Act Predictor Lens, which allows you to see what people are going to do next by scanning and looking at them for a short time. They went downstairs and looks at their mother, Tamako Nobi, who is sitting down doing nothing and proceeds to scan her. As they were scanning, they found out that she will tell them to do their chores such as: Sweeping the yard, cleaning the bathroom and buying groceries for dinner. Exposed by the lens, they successfully flee without making any sounds. Later, they saw Gian walking with his angry face and proceeds to scan him. According to the Predictor lens, Gian is going to beat up Suneo once he found him. So they run off to find Suneo to warm him about Gian. After meeting with Suneo, they looked at him suspiciously and scans him too. It says that Suneo will spray water gun at their face, so they left with a stumbled face leaving Suneo gets beaten up by Gian. Next, they started scanning random people around town, including a black cat (who is going to hang out with Mii-Chan) and Doraemon started chasing him but bumps by a suspicious man and looks at them with his serious face. Nobita wants to know who is it, which shocks him and gives to Doraemon to look at it too. After scanning, he is a burglar, frightening them. They trys to report it to the police, but they don't have any proof or evidences. Instead, he sees his granddaughter go to pick up the ball, but the construction equipment falls, but fortunately she avoids it in time and is seen and picked up by his wife (her name is Rumiko). He finally get to someone else's house, and the other's house actually catchs fire.

With the help of Nobita and others, he finally pust out the fire, and only then does he understand that the owner of the house is the owner of the company.

He can finally be assigned a job by his boss.

Episode ends is when they scanned him one more time, the lens prediction of the kidnapper is now completely different and they left happily.


Gadgets Used[]

  • Act Predictor Lens
  • Dojiban (ドジバン) [Unnamed English Gadget]

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Title Meaning
Filipino Lens Ang Nakikita Sa Lahat Lens That Sees Everything
Chinese 先知镜 Prophet Mirror
Spanish Lente Para Ver Las Intenciones Lens That Sees Intentions


  • Nobita would've been hospitalized after he took a hard hit from his desk by Doraemon and suffered from back pain due to Doraemon's screaming sound wave.
  • Following things they scanned at each person / characters using the Act Predictor Lens:
  1. Tamako Nobi: Telling Doraemon and Nobita to do chores (Never happened because they escaped)
  2. Takeshi Gouda: Beating up Suneo
  3. Suneo Honekawa: Spraying water gun towards Nobita and Doraemon in front of their faces.
  • This is one of the episode where Nobita doesn't use any gadgets for dirty tricks and pranks.