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Episode depicted in this article is from 1973 anime.
The Bow-Bow Grasshopper Riot
Peko Peko Batta Ōsōdō
General Information
Broadcast by Nippon Television
Anime series 1973
Broadcast date April 1, 1973
Season 1
Episode number 1B
Doraemon The Bow-Bow Grasshopper
Opening Doraemon (1973 Song)
Ending Doraemon Rumba
Written by Haruya Yamazaki
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Previous episode Doraemon Came Out!
Next episode Nice Girl on The Roof

The Bow-Bow Grasshopper Riot (ペコペコバッタ大騒動 Peko Peko Batta Ōsōdō) is the second episode of the Doraemon 1973 anime.


While everyone was playing with the ball, Nobita walked by and got smacked by it on the face. He asks Suneo to apologize but he says that "it's Nobita's fault to walk where the ball is flying".

Frustrated, Nobita begs Doraemon to make Suneo apologize to him. The tool that comes out is the Bow-Bow Grasshopper: if you put it into his nose, he won't help but want to apologize.

Nobita uses this tool to make Suneo apologize, but he accidentally throws the bag full of grasshoppers into the air, and a swarm of grasshoppers spreads throughout the city. The people in the city all apologize at once.

They manage to collect them with some difficulty, but after things go back to normal, they begin to blame each other for the mistakes. It doesn't go well.


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  • Script - Haruya Yamazaki
  • Storyboard - Sōji Yoshikawa
  • Animation Director - Mitsuru Suzuki
  • Art Director - Morishige Suzuki
  • Drawing and finishing - Nippon TV Video Niigata Studio
  • Background - Studio Jack
  • Photography - Coral Reef
  • Editing - Eiko Nishide
  • Acoustic - E&M
  • Director - Shigeo Koshi
  • Production Progress - Fujio Kizawa



  • To date, this episode has not been found in any storage. The remaining materials of this episode come from newspaper announcements and worksheets.
  • Tadashi's appearance as a guest character in this episode was confirmed through an interim report.
  • As far as the story is concerned, it is the same as the original manga chapter.