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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
The Bungee Catapult
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Release date January 11, 2002
Japanese title バンジーカタパルト
Episode number 1650
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The Bungee Catapult is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime.


A vicious dog steals Nobita's sandwich, So Doraemon gives him the Bungee Catapult gadget to get his sandwich back from the dog. Nobita then uses it to take a comic book back from Gian, and give flowers to Shizuka. After Nobita returns from giving flowers to Shizuka, Gian angrily approaches Nobita. Nobita tries to escape using the Bungee Catapult but is catapulted back to the back lot. Gian ties up Nobita and steals the bungee catapult. He uses it to steal a remote control airplane from Suneo, a textbook from Dekisugi, comic books from Haruo, Yasuo and one other boy, and a lollipop from a little boy. Nobita Nobita manages to untie himself and tells Doraemon about Gian, they are both told by Suneo, Dekisugi, Haruo, Yasuo, the other boy, and the little kid that Gian stole from them. Gian goes in the bungee catapult to steal fruit that Suneo is carrying in a grocery bag. Nobita, Doraemon, Dekisugi, Haruo, Yasuo, the other boy, and the little kid than move the catapult through the Anywhere door to a place in the jungle where there are Apes. Gian succeeds in stealing the fruit from Suneo and eats an apple, He however ends up in the jungle with the apes. Gian gets scared and the apes force feed him two apples he tries to escape but they hold Gian down on the ground and he cries. Nobita Doraemon and the others watch from behind the anywhere door and laugh. an Ape holds Gian and nurses him.



  • Bungee Catapult