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2005 anime series
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Dream Town, Nobita Land

Nobita Land

Nobita Land 88

Yume no machi nobitarando
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date April 28, 2006
Season 2
Episode number 45a
Adapted manga chapter
Doraemon Dream Town, Nobita Land
Theme Songs

Dream Town, Nobita Land (ゆめの町ノビタランド) is an episode of the 2005 Doraemon anime.


Nobita tries to roller-skate in his house with the help of Doraemon. He does pretty well, but falls off and crashes downstairs. Angry, Nobita's mom sends him outside to do it. Nobita roller-skates outside his house but fails and almost gets hit by a car. Just then, Nobita and Doraemon are approached by Gian's baseball team. The group goes to a possible place but can't play since it's a closed construction site. Disappointed, Nobita and his friends go back home.

Nobita wants Doraemon to make a house that he can do whatever things he wanted to do. Doraemon then says that he will create one. Doraemon took out his capture instant creation of model and he captures a big house. The miniature model then comes out of the camera. To enter the house, he must go through a tunnel that will make him small. Nobita started to take photos of a lot of buildings. Then Nobita and his friends have fun playing in the miniature town, but then Nobita's mom starts sweeping the town away without knowing that Nobita and his friends were playing. Nobita and his friends get out quickly and safely, the episode ends with Nobita arguing with Doraemon while the others watch them in bewilderment.


Gadgets Used


  • Unlike its 1979 counterpart, Tamako does not destroy the miniature houses, instead she simply throws them to one corner.
  • An 2005 remake was announced, while CLW Enteraiment planned to dub it as the last English dubbed episode, as a way to celebrate the 1979 series' 40th anniversary.
All the Way From the Country of the Future
2005 anime series
I Will Become an Outstanding Father!
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