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Doraemon is Really Sick?
2005 anime series
Don't Take My Jack
The Day Doraemon is Reborn
Doraemon ga Umarekawaru Hi
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Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date September 7, 2007
Season 3
Episode number 102
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The Day Doraemon is Reborn is an episode from the 2005 anime series. It is a television original and the second birthday special episode of the 2005 anime series, after Doraemon, Goes Back To The Future.


Doraemon rushes to attend the 6th Child Caretaker reunion at Mastushiba Dome, where Principal Teraodai is giving a speech while commending on their efforts. Unbeknownst to him, an assailant, who identifies him as MS 903, follows him from a saucer. He runs to the stadium, passing a playground and Pawaemon's car. The latter stops his automated vehicle with vocal commands and yells at Doraemon. He is overjoyed to discover that Pawaemon, the best of all his peers, still remembers him, though Pawaemon mentions that Doraemon is always known for his horrible academics, being his polar opposite. Doraemon, as usual, is dismayed at his attitude. Pawaemon then excuses himself to the reunion as he needs to attend to the prime minister's son. Thus, the principal is not expecting him to come anyway, as he only attends to claim his rewards and trophies for his work. Doraemon, unhappy over being insulted by him again, challenges him, to which the latter agrees. A child's balloon rises away from its owner and Pawaemon, after a short spring, ascends with Butterfly Wings before pulling it down, declaring that he has won, though he is still surprised that Doraemon is trying to pull out random, unassorted items. The assailant from above also moans in dismay as Doraemon himself. Unamused, Pawaemon mocks him for his stiffness and advises him to head to the factory and get himself reassembled for the good of himself and his assigned child. Doraemon disagrees, claiming that Nobita needs him, though Pawaemon retorts that Doraemon actually made everything worse (unaware that Doraemon is actually improving Nobita's life). He then seals his vehicle and heads back to the prime minister's place, leaving Doraemon in disbelief.

Meanwhile, at the Nobi household, Tamako hears Nobita running suspiciously up stairs and chases him. Nobita tries to hide his baseball bat and glove but Tamako spots them anyway, along with his empty homework papers that he failed to conceal, and she berates him. Nobita then agrees that he will finish them tomorrow, and Tamako threatens to withhold all of his pocket money for a year if he refuses, much to his terror. He tries to chase her but ends up hitting the door instead. After standing back up, Nobita attempts to summon Doraemon. However, he soon realized that Doraemon was to attend to a reunion ceremony in the future a day before his birthday, much to his annoyance. He tries to do his homework on his own but ends up falling asleep.

Meanwhile, at the party, many caretakers were talking and enjoying the services of other robots such as an orchestra, transporters, and food stands. Doraemon wanders around aimlessly and spots his first love interest Noramyako. However, reluctant to approach her while she is busy talking, he walks away. Noramyako attempts to catch up to him, but as he left the building already, she presumes that the "Doraemon" might be someone else. She is then led away by one of her fans. As a depressed Doraemon sits on a swing, wondering if Nobita is doing his homework, the assailant begins his machinations.

Meanwhile, Nobita realized that he forgot to purchase a present for Doraemon's birthday. He dumps coins out of his Fire Hydrant bank and gets on the move.

Suneo is bragging that he went fishing on his family yacht and enjoyed expensive sea food. He then asks Gian, who claims that he, Jaiko and his father spent a week in the public swimming pool, before asking Shizuka, who claims that she was camping and caught a stunning view of celestial activities. While Shizuka and Suneo were still in their imagination, Gian remarks that he had a boring experience. Nobita, who has purchased a present for Doraemon, arrives, and is stopped by Suneo. Shizuka notices the bag in his hand and presumes that as his present. Nobita tells them that Doraemon doesn't seem to be enthusiastic about his birthday and doesn't want a present, much to the surprise of Suneo and Gian, as both usually react with the contrary. Shizuka doesn't think everything is so simple and Doraemon has other reasons. Nobita then begins to retell fragments of Doraemon's history to a curious Gian and Suneo.

In Nobita's account, Doraemon was produced in 2112, September 3rd, in the Matasushiba Factory. Then it shifts to the factory's internal facilities. Within some cranking gears, a steam vent fire jets of hot air. Electrical blowtorches are adjusting the robots' internal components with lightning arcs as they are assembled. Then, a dispenser fires a layer of outer hide that wraps around the machine's skeletal frame and their eyes are attached along with their noses. Eventually, two thick colored sponges douse them, creating their yellow bodywork. Their tail is attached remotely, and the robots are then knocked over for the 4D pocket to be attached before they are sent on a chute to many conveyors that ship them outside of the factory. However, a lightning strike near the factory causes an electrical defect, and a wild arc ends up zapping Doraemon, ejecting a screw that degraded his cognitive capabilities. He isn't able to properly react, and is constantly mocked by his peers, aside from Noramyako, another kind model. Due to his performance issues, he was dismayed to find out that he was never able to enter service. The narrative then cuts to Doraemon himself, who clarifies that an infant Sewashi pushed the button, and they accompanied each other ever since.

Back in the future, Doraemon says that despite his efforts, he got little. He then recalls Pawaemon's insults. A crab saucer appears, though Doraemon simply walks away. The machine the lands and begins to follow him, much to his terror. Pursing him without stepping on to the flowers, Doraemon dodges the claw and flies away with the Take-copter, prompting the crab to stop. However, he crashes into a tree and is seized by a claw. The assailant is appeased and, as Doraemon appears to recognize him, he bites the claw, forcing the painful crab to release him. Doraemon then tries to attack the crab with the air cannon, but the blasts fail to penetrate its armor, and the crab seizes him again. Doraemon finally identifies the person piloting the UFO and protests, leaving a hasty scrawl on the ground as he is dragged away. The crab paralyzes him with an electric shock and throws him inside the cargo hold as the assailant lets out a sinister laugh.

Back in the present, Shizuka suggests holding a party for Doraemon's birthday, and Suneo allows them to use his house for the purpose. Gian decides to sing for Doraemon, much to the terror of everyone, and Suneo attempts to convince him otherwise. Nobita then thanks Shizuka.

Dorami and Sewashi appear through a portal, and she accidentally squashes Nobita, who moans in pain, while Sewashi also lands face-first, and complains on the rough landing, to which she excuses with the urgency of the issue. Shizuka is knocked away, while Suneo and Gian cease fighting. Quickly getting up, Shizuka is curious on Dorami's sudden arrival, though the latter only wants to find Nobita, who reveals himself beneath her. She declares that Doraemon has been kidnapped, much to everyone's terror. Nobita springs up, ejecting Dorami who also crashes face-first, and he desperately asks for the assailant's identity. Meanwhile, the UFO and the crab flies back to the factory with Doraemon imprisoned.

At a Nerima Police station in the far future, hovercrafts are seen flying away, while Nobita is asked by the cops to sign a search warrant. The receptionist allocates the request to the police, and mentions of a recent gang of automaton traffickers, which he hopefully assumes to be irrelevant to the case, causing Nobita to spring up, whist Dorami and Sewashi remain static. The three then exit the building and meet up with Suneo, Gian and Shizuka. Dorami assures everyone that the police will take action soon, to Shizuka's relief. Suneo asks on Nobita's depression, who turns to Sewashi, demanding him to explain the criminals mentioned by the cop, terrifying Shizuka, Suneo and Gian.

The gang heads back to Sewashi's place. Nobita looks outside, while Shizuka thanks Dorami serving drinks to them. A news announcement relevant to the criminals appear, attracting their attention - At 2PM on the roof of a mall, a caretaker automaton went missing. The police are shown to be investigating the site already. It then switches to a mother crying, claiming that the robot is invaluable to their family, and demands the criminals to return him. The child then also cries. The anchor suggests that it is the sixth kidnapping, and speculates that a large organization appears to be responsible. The TV is then turned off. Suneo asks on the fates of trafficked machines, and Dorami suggests that they might be sold to other planets, to which Gian and Suneo react with terror. Shizuka disagrees since they don't really know if Doraemon is a victim, hypothesizing that he might have escaped already anyway, relieving everyone, with Suneo mentioning that the the Anywhere Door might have been used to help him escape. However, Sewashi disagrees, citing that a robot's cerebral electronics could be reset. Gian demands Sewashi to explain, and he specifies that it contains their memories. Shizuka asks Dorami, who suggests that is, in effect, a memory wipe, shocking everyone. Nobita, agitated by the delay in police action, decides to lead everyone on a search. Sewashi stops them, and tells Nobita that they don't have a clue on where he is even at, and the criminals may have "bleeding edge weapons", which Dorami's gadgets can't compete with. He warns that they will be risking their lives if they are going, and Nobita decides to go alone instead. Sewashi gives Nobita a list of academy reunion attendees and their addresses so he could find them. Nobita pushes the button, revealing two contacts - Pawaemon and Noramyako. Shizuka then also leaves. Dorami decides to follow, and while Sewashi refuses in fear of her being abducted, Dorami cites that Doraemon is her brother and she can't sit tight if he is missing. Gian and Suneo quickly join the rest outside, and Sewashi sighs, begrudgingly allowing them to folow their desires.

Dorami gives Gian a smart wristband that can be used to contact them. Gian and Suneo decide to search near an arcade, while the rest decides to ask Doraemon's other classmates. Dorami gives them all Take-copters, informs them the arcade's location, and the search begins. Nobita decides to begin with Pawaemon, the politician's appointed caretaker, while Gian and Suneo discuss on games instead.

The assailant informs Doraemon that the reassembly will occurs on Doraemon's birthday. He the blames himself for failing to spot an anomaly in the factory and bringing Doraemon into this world and declares that it is four hours to midnight, where Doraemon will be completely reset.

Near the Prime Minister's place, a robot guard allows Shizuka, Dorami and Nobita to gain access while the party looks at the camera. Pawaemon is tutoring the prime minister's son when he is alerted to the presence of visitors. He confirms to Dorami that he saw Doraemon, but since he left as soon as they met, he could not give any useful information. When informed of the criminals, Pawaemon instead advises them to leave, citing that he is busy with the prime minister's child, much to Nobita's annoyance. Paweaemon stops them before they leave, citing that Doraemon could not have been seized by these criminals since they dislike outmodes. An angry Nobita defends his friend, citing that while he constantly gets in trouble, Doraemon is always at his side, though Pawaemon suggests that Doraemon proves to be worse since he always helps Nobita. Realizing that Pawaemon is just referring to them in reality, Nobita leaves, just as the prime minister's child arrives, and Pawaemon responds to the boy that he will join him after the guests are gone. He then throws a tiny green device on Nobita's shirt while he exits as the boy shows the plant to him.

The three find Noramyako, who greets them outside of her crew's place. After confirming Doraemon is currently missing, Noramyako reveals that she never saw him in the first place. She declines to join as she needs to attend to a performance first. She tells them not to be too concerned, and a crew member leads her to the stage as the three depart.

Meanwhile, Sewashi, against his own advice, also heads out. He spots an anomaly on the ground and runs to it.

Dorami is surprised that Doraemon never met his love interest Noramyako, to whom he was infatuated with. Nobita laments on how he led to Doraemon's disappearance and wishes that he was never in the past. He drifts off, was almost killed by two hovercrafts, and falls forcing Shizuka to rescue him. Dorami recieves a transmission from Sewashi who demands them to meet up with him as Shizuka returns while pulling Nobita.

Nobita notes a scrawl on the ground, and Sewashi informs them that nearby vegetation has been damaged, indicating that a fight has took place. Dorami decides to use a Time TV on the surrounding environment to examine the area's events in the afternoon, though the assailant has expected this and censored it ahead of time. Doraemon's arm appears, and Shizuka, vaguely recognizing it, demands Dorami to rewind and freeze the video, though the others doubt the conclusion. Nobita asks Dorami to rewind again while he looks around for useful clues, and he accidentally kicks Doraemon's Air Cannon. Retrieving it, he returns to the others, much to their terror as Dorami recognizes the weapon owned by her brother. Sewashi deduces that something happened to Doraemon and he left that scribble to identify the perpetrator.

Gian complains on the lack of interesting arcade games, though Suneo spots the woman from the news earlier today. He gets Gian's attention, who predicts that the bag she is carrying contains suspicious items. They follow the woman into an alley. She scans around for other people, but fail to detect the pair sneaking around, and gives the bag (presumably containing ransom) to a dark-suited man in a hat, much to their surprise. The man then leaves with his allies in a hovercraft. Determine them to be the culprit, they tail the vehicle. The woman spots them briefly just as they leave.

Two more hours have passed and it's another two until midnight. Doraemon complains that he is unable to escape while the assailant enters and summons his mechanical assistant, who attempts to contain Doraemon and bound him while he protests, and the man grabs components necessary for the reboot.

Dorami takes a snapshot of the scrawl and decides to analyze it later. Takeshi comes online and declares that they have located the criminals' base (to everyone's shock) and are about to storm it. Suneo advises him not to but is knocked away. Gian then claims that he will do so immediately, despite Sewashi and Dorami opposing his decision. Contact with them is suddenly lost, and they panic, though Dorami determines the location and they proceed to the warehouse.

Three criminals destroy Takeshi's wristband and detain the two. Later, the rest of the gang arrives, but finds nothing, Sewashi attempts to alert the police, though the receptionist refuses to believe that criminals are holed up in there. Nobita decides that they will have to venture inside anyway, and Sewashi attempts to stop them as he calls the police again. Nobita forces the door open, though three find the warehouse empty and an passage to the basement where the criminals are interrogating Suneo and Gian. Sewashi advises them to wait but fails, and he comes in too. Nobita asks Dorami for Air Cannons and they head inside, though a concerned Sewashi reiterates that they don't know what weapons do the opponents may have. They head in anyway, and while Sewashi complains, an angry Shizuka slaps him, citing that Doraemon's too much of a friend to lose for Nobita, and follows them. Sewashi gets up and enters the basement.

Gian provokes the kingpin while Suneo, terrified of death, cries, causing a henchman to clog his mouth with a radish. Suneo promptly munches up the radish anyway before begging for mercy. The kingpin decides to kill them anyway to prevent police from discovering their hideout, and his henchmen take out their pistols, terrifying Suneo. Dorami accidentally steps onto some ropes, causing her to slip and and misfire, with the shot missing a henchman while knocking the kingpin away. Enraged, he quickly stands up before being confronted by Dorami and Nobita, who demands the robots to be released. The kingpin decides to detain them and sell them along with the captured machines. He stomps on a red button which traps them with a net. Sewashi and Shizuka show themselves with the former demanding the criminals to release their friends. The henchmen attempt to detain and kill them with their pistols.

Meanwhile, Pawaemon, now wearing a pair of black glasses, cruises on his red scooter. A dark magenta car catches up and Noramyako opens the window while he does a hand gesture.

The kingpin gloats on his victory, but is stunned when a black muzzle bumps his head, causing him to drop his cigarette as guns click nearby. The three henchmen also promptly surrender and drop their weapons - a swarm of police tactical units has arrived with assault rifles holding them at gunpoint. They are then detained by authorities off-screen.

Regular police vehicles and officers soon flood the site with two more hovercrafts cruise over them. The cops brought a blue mattress for the six to sit on. Suneo rests in Gian's lap while the others stare at the ground. A tire screech attracts Nobita, Shizuka and Dorami. Pawaemon and Noramyako leave their vehicles, and he takes off his glasses. Dorami asks why did they appear, and Noramyako attributes that to Pawaemon, who in turn asks Nobita to look at his back. He turns over and Shizuka pulls off the device off him. Pawaemon explains that it is a tracker, and says "After all, child caretaking is my profession." Gian alerts Nobita to a line of captive yellow robots released by the officers walking away. The officer confirms a curious Nobita that these are all they could find before leaving, while he and Dorami look onward.

A bound Doraemon is being taken by the assailant's assistant and the man himself down a corridor and into the factory's operation room during which he and the assistant angrily insult each other to no avail. The door closes after they enter and the warning light turns from blue to red.

Dorami shows Pawaemon the image of the scribble, to which he and Noramyako assume that Doraemon may have left in a hurry. He agrees to decipher the message and grabs a green tablet from his pocket before plugging it to Dorami's camera. The resulting output gives the capital letters MS, shocking everyone, as Pawaemon attributes that to the Matsushiba factory. Sewashi then suggests that factory personnel are behind the attack, with Pawaemon adding the possibility of an associate. Enraged, Gian denounces the perpetrator and asks Suneo if he has anything to comment, though the latter is still bewildered and shocked. Noramyako suddenly names the factory's manager - who is also the developer of such Child Caretaker Robots - as the perpetrator. Pawaemon leads the rest of the gang to the factory with his scooter while she heads to his residence on her own. Her narration continues on, claiming that she read a newspaper article prior where he vows to repair any defective models produced under his supervision, all by himself.

Noramyako alerts Pawaemon that the manager was not in his residence and is heading to the factory now, to which he affirms, while Dorami spots the factory in the distance.

Doraemon still refuses to accept his reassembly, not wanting to lose all his memories with Nobita, and begins crying. The manager, however, disagrees, citing his defects and ugly body, before angrily declaring his intolerance to such and his decision to compensate for his own mistakes. He then briefly walks away.

Doraemon begins to recall several scenes in his lifetime. His were bitten off by a mechanical rat in Sewashi's house while eating Dorayaki, causing him to run around in terror. He then heads to the hospital while covering his head with a piece of green cloth. When Noramyako takes off his bandages, she was terrified by his missing ears, much to his surprise. In his depression he frantically cries while sprinting on the beach. Eventually his bodywork wears away as he weeps.

The gang arrives at the factory's entrance and wait for Noramyako, who arrives shortly after in her car. A mechanical security guard intercepts them as Pawaemon, Noramyako and Dorami approaches him. The humans sneak upon the booth with Gian on the lead. The guard questions their intent, to which Noramyako demands to meet the manager so he can repair a mechanical defect on Dorami. He unintentionally informs them of the manager being occupied with a critical operation, after which Gian attacks, demanding him to reveal the location. The guard's head suddenly transforms into a dog head, terrifying him, though Suneo reverts the camouflage by bashing in with a hammer and gets the information anyway. They tie up the guard and force their way into the elevator, though he still manages to hit the emergency stop button.

Inside, Noramyako wonders why would the manager choose this specific moment, while Dorami comments that it is just 20 minutes to midnight. They then realize that the next day, September 3rd, is Doraemon's birthday. Suddenly, the elevator stops, causing everyone to fall over while the electricity inside has been cut, suspending it. The factory manager orders his assistant to arrange defenses and to ensure that none would be allowed in. The assistant does so and pushes a couple of buttons on a panel before looking away in curiosity.

Noramyako obtains the Pass Loop from Dorami, which gets stuck to the celing, creating a portal to the other side. She then simply leaps out, to the awe of Suneo and Gian. Noramyako fires a hoist and pulls down a ladder, creating a bridge to the other side. She then asks for Pawaemon to get the others up with a rope. He grabs a black bowl and a whistle before blowing the latter to summon a slithering black rope extending upwards, while Noramyako calls for Shizuka to reach up first. The facility's security systems are soon alerted to the intruders' presence.

The manager reasons with Doraemon that once he has been reset to factory default, his performance will be enhanced, thus also benefitting whatever children he is in charge of. He begrudgingly agrees.

While everyone were crossing the ladder, Noramyako spots a horde of humanoid security drones flying to them. Suneo panics and clings onto Gian, while Pawaemon, Dorami and Nobita begin to retaliate with Air Cannons, managing to destroy several drones with pressurized blasts. One of them knocks Gian off with Suneo, prompting Paweamon to save him with the butterfly wings, much to his surprise. Sewashi cowers in fear, while Nobita is also knocked off by another drone, but is saved by the empowered Gian, who punches it and grabs him. Gian advises him to rescue Doraemon first while he holds the front and brings Nobita back before attempting to help Sewashi. Nobita runs off after being directed by Noramyako with everyone save for Gian, Suneo, Pawaemon and Sewashi, while repelling another drone.

The four sprint upstairs and down the corridor where the mechanical crab appears and confronts them. Nobita and Dorami unsuccessfully attempt to attack it with air blasts though he just shrugs them off, reiterating his immunity to them. He then grabs Shizuka, who tells Nobita to ignore her and save Doraemon first, and he runs off, while the crab panics, knowing that he will be punished for failing to stop intruders. Noramyako leaps onto the crab and demands him to release Shizuka while Dorami ineffectually kicks him, though he simply devours the two. However, he is surprised when Noramyako easily pries his hull open with brute force. Gian, Pawaemon, Suneo and Sewashi soon approach and regroup with them.

Doraemon again recalls on how he met Nobita in the first place, trying to help his homework ineffectively (with both ending up falling asleep), their arguments and other wholesome moments. The assistant alerts the manager that it is September 3rd, and he declares to Doraemon on the impending reset, reiterating his argument on how Doraemon will be reborn as a better machine. Doraemon begins to cry as the manager is about to pull the lever.

Nobita manages to find Doraemon's room and yells for him while banging on the door, attracting the manager and Doraemon's attention. Doraemon demands the manager to let Nobita in before the reboot. Presuming that Nobita is the child under his custody, the manager relents and agrees. Nobita enters, throws off his Air Cannon and runs to Doraemon while ignoring the two others in the room. Doraemon informs him that he has accepted the manager's offer, thanks Nobita for his companionship and apologizes for the inconveniences caused by his own mechanical defect. Nobita reminds Doraemon that he will lose all memories when restarted, leaving Nobita unable to explain Doraemon's absence, though he advises to shrug that off with a random excuse. Initially unable to accept Doraemon's decision, he is eventually convinced that Doraemon, unable to bear insults and hatred for being an outmode, would be eager to take this opportunity for the better. He runs away crying, bumping the air cannon on his way out and weeps to himself outside of the room as the doors close.

The manager is about to continue, though at the last moment, he aborts the reset, before saying "Seems like I'm the one who's missing the screw" to his confused assistant. Doraemon is released off-screen and walks away from the lab before approaching a weeping Nobita, who asks if he still remembers him. Doraemon then confidently replies him with "Ahh yes, you're the Nobita Nobi, who's always late, lousy and hates sports!", and they happily embrace while the others approach them, with an exited Dorami calling for Doraemon. Meanwhile, the manager declares a robot like Doraemon willing to accompany their child is just doing their job effectively.

Doraemon pilots the Time Machine into the past with Suneo, Shizuka, Gian and Nobita. While Gian bullies Suneo again, Shizuka rants on Sewashi rudely referring to her as his grandmother, to which Nobita laughs in embarrassment.

Back home, Nobita offers Doraemon the squashed Dorayaki he purchased earlier, claiming that he kept the item in his pocket for the entire time. Doraemon thanks Nobita, sits back and attempts to eat it. Nobita puts his coins back into his personal bank, but upon seeing his empty homework papers, panics. Doraemon comments that the squashed Dorayaki still seems tasty but is briefly surprised upon hearing Nobita's scream, and he turns around. Amused at Nobita frantically jumping around, he turns away and continues to finish his snack. An angry Tamako asks if Nobita has completed his homework, terrifying him as the film cuts to an end.


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  • As the most favorite episode of the Doraemon anime, as part of its 30th anniversary, a 30-minute cut version was telecast on April 3, 2009 as the 138th episode.
  • Since Sewashi refers to Shizuka as his grandmother (much to her annoyance, as they are seemingly unrelated), it is implied that Doraemon has managed to change Nobita's future in this film already.
  • As the police tactical units wield assault rifles, the film is one of the few media featuring full-sized firearms.
  • Retcons:
    • Doraemon's other distinct counterparts (Dora the Kid, Wang Dora, etc) are replaced with Pawaemon.
    • Noramyako's screen time has been cut significantly.
    • The factory manager is implied to exist in earlier timelines despite his absence.
    • Doraemon's classmates and cohorts are replaced with standard models instead of other unique machines.


  1. The police hovercrafts responding to the warehouse are identical to those used by the Time Patrol. It is not known if they are allied to the mentioned organization or just a convenient reuse of assets, as the crime is, technically, irrelevant to temporal distortions.