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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Dictator Switch
Dokusai Suitchi
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date April 29, 2005
Season 1
Episode number 3
Doraemon Chapter 279: Dictator Switch
Opening Doraemon no Uta
Directed by Fujiko Fujio
Episode Guide
Previous episode Nobita's Bride
Next episode The Sonic Oscillation Terror Machine

The Dictator Switch (どくさいスイッチ Dokusai Suitchi) is an episode from the 2005 anime series.


The Giants are playing a baseball match, and lose to the opponent team 2-18. Disappointed with Nobita for losing the match, Gian punishes Nobita to twenty rounds of the field. Complaining to Doraemon, Nobita wishes Gian had never existed, so Doraemon lends him the Dictator Switch. Supposedly made by a powerful dictator from the future who once ruled the whole world, it is able to erase anything from existence at the push of a button. Doraemon warns Nobita to use it with caution.

Walking outside, Nobita bumps into Gian, who pesters him for the 10 remaining rounds earlier. Nobita runs into a dead-end, and, in the face of such a threat, removes Gian with the switch. Guilt-stricken, he meets Shizuka, who has no recollection of Gian. They ask around for Gian, but no one remembers Gian existed. In a world without Gian, however, Suneo takes his place, forcing Nobita to repeat the process. Nobita threatens the three outfielders, one of which is now the team captain, as well as Tamako, their disappearence if they continue to pester him.

Doraemon learns that Nobita had used the Dictator Switch to erase two people, and persuades him to forget the both of them. After Doraemon left the room, Nobita could not decide as to whether he should use the switch. Taking a nap, he dreams of everyone ridiculing him, and even Doraemon and Shizuka turning their backs against him. He impulsively erases everyone else.

Nobita finds out that he pressed the switch and made everyone disappear. He freaks out, as he neither could find anyone, nor is welcomed inside their houses. Ending up on a rooftop, he realized that, being the only one left in the whole world, it now belongs to him.

Nobita begins to take food and games from the supermarkets and the stores and eats and plays them at home. He turns on the television, but no channels are able to be received as nobody's there to maintain them. Nobita flies to the amusement park and plays the attractions for free, without the need for queueing up. Beginning to feel bored, he returns home and turns on the lights around the house to sleep. All of a sudden, the electricity supply cuts and he finds himself in the dark. He is unable to call the elecricity company for help.

Nobita realizes all this happened becaused he is tired. He takes a bath using a bath salt Shizuka lent to him earlier and finds himself in unexplicable loneliness and misery. Climbing out of his room, he wants anyone to come out right before him. Doraemon, who is revealed to be in hiding all this while, mentions that he gave the switch to Nobita to teach him a lesson that being a dictator is bad. He lights up the whole town and brings everyone back by pressing the switch once more. The next day he practices playing baseball and sees Gian and Suneo.


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