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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Dora Dora Genpei Battle ~Save Yourself Shizuka-chan!~
Release date January 15, 2016 (First airing)

April 30, 2022 (Second airing)

Japanese title ドラドラ源平合戦~しずかちゃん御前を救え!~
English title The Dora Dora Genpei Battle ~Save Yourself Shizuka-chan!~
Season number 12
Episode number 427
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The Dora Dora Genpei Battle ~Save Yourself Shizuka-chan!~ is an episode from the 2005 series. It is also the first episode of the year 2016.


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Dekisugi tells Shizuka the story of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, a Japanese historical figure, and his story of rushing from under a cliff to the enemy. But Nobita doesn't care about the historical story told by Dekisugi, but instead drags Shizuka to his house to ask Shizuka to read the comics. Nobita and Shizuka come to Nobita's room and see that Doraemon can't control "Utamake". As a result, Umatake is uncharacteristically coquettish to Shizuka. But because Nobita drives Umatake crazy, he accidentally came to ancient Japan 800 years ago (the end of the Heian period) with Shizuka and others, and loses Umatake.

Nobita and Shizuka come to a forest, and they saw a man wrestling and holding a samurai sword. The man can't help being curious about Doraemon, thinking he is a civet cat. Doraemon is very annoyed. The man finds that he is separated from everyone, Shizuka and Nobita, Doraemon feel that he should help the man. Doraemon pulls the cart with "Umatake", the man wants to reward Nobita, but Nobita finds that he doesn't bring anything. He just says "next time". Nobita and others choose to rest, but Umatake has to act like a spoiled child to Shizuka.

The man asks Nobita Shizuka's name, and Nobita answers immediately. But Nobita changes the conversation and asks the man's name. Nobita finally understands that he is the famous Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

Nobita and the others have a hard time eating. When Yoshitsune saw the pizza, he felt curious and thought it was a "knee". At this moment, the people from the Heike family come out. Yoshitsune takes up the samurai sword to repel the enemy. Just as Benkei arrives, the enemy flees. However, Umatake is angry again and kicks Benkei in the foot, which makes him very angry.

Nobita and others come to a village, just in time for the Heike people to catch up. The old man in the village tells Yoshitsune that he has to go to the base camp of the Heike family, and he has to go through a valley on the way.

Benkei admits that the base camp of the Heike family is near the sea, and he wants to attack the general, but he gets separated unexpectedly and has to separate from the brigade to find the general.

Nobita and the others learn that the village lacked water due to the drought, and the villagers are very helpless. Doraemon can only ask Nobita and Shizuka to ask for rain, and then uses the "Weather Box" to make rain. When it is raining, Shizuka is caught by the people from the Heike family and loses the handkerchief.

Nobita, Doraemon and others finally arrive at the Heike camp, but see a cliff. Nobita wants to take the Take-copter, but Yoshitsune doesn't want him to do it.

In the end, Umatake lets Nobita ride his body down the cliff, and Yoshitsune and the others also go down in one go. When Nobita and Shizuka meet again, everyone rushs into the camp and defeats Heike.

Nobita finally goes back with Shizuka, but unexpectedly sees that the history that Dekisugi says has changed.


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  • This is the first episode of 2016 in which neither Gian nor Suneo makes an appearance.
  • This is the second time that Yoshitsune and Benkei have appeared in the Doraemon anime. The first time is in Chase the Dorayaki Legend!
  • Nobita was called "Yocchan" by Yoshitsune.
  • This is the first time Gian and Suneo's ancestor work for the enemy.