The Emperor's New Clothes!? Super Armor

499a Title


Japanese はだかの王様!?ウルトラよろい
Rōmaji Hadakanoōsama! ? Urutorayoroi
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Episode from anime 2005 anime
Release date October 27, 2017
Season 13
Episode number 499a
Adapted manga chapter Ultra Armor
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The Emperor's New Clothes!? Super Armor (はだかの王様!?ウルトラよろい Hadakanoōsama! ? Urutorayoroi) is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime.


Nobita, who has a blow in his head, is pursued by the gian to his home. He decides to ask Doraemon for help, so he gives him the Ultra Special Mighty Strong Super Armor to not have to worry about being hit and also ask for a rematch to Gian.


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171027 30sec

171027 30sec

Teaser for "The Emperor's New Clothes!? Super Armor" and "The Girl With the Red Shoes"

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