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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
The Explosion Pepper/1979 Anime
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Release date April 7, 1980
Japanese title ばくはつこしょう
Season number 02
Episode number 314
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The Explosion Pepper is an episode from the 1979 series.


Nobita was running late for school and Doraemon gives him the pepper to spray on him (though unwillingly) and flies to the school after speaking his destination (e.g. school.) After school, Gian and Suneo hatched a plan to get the pepper after a trick from Nobita when he was telling the instructions of how to use the pepper, in which he sprayed on his nose and flew back home. After receiving a call from Suneo, Nobita flew to Suneo's house after spraying the pepper on his mother but tries to get back after seeing Gian there with a baseball bat, attempting to hit him. Nobita tries to get a cat to send him back, but the power of the cat's sneeze is insufficient thus sending Nobita down to the empty plot of land. Gian managed to get hold of the pepper and flies around Japan by making Suneo and some other boys sneeze on him after Nobita went back. However, when he came back, his father sees it as a coincidence (due to their house running out of pepper) and used the pepper on the meat despite with Gian's words that the pepper is not suitable for consumption, making the father sneeze on the table with the food. Back at Nobita's house, Doraemon and Nobita was enjoying the view of the moon when the table with the food flew past. Gian cried to them for help while his parents were chasing the table.


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