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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Fantasy Animal Safari Park and the Promised Flute
Release date March 11, 2016
Japanese title 空想動物サファリパークと約束の笛
English title The Fantasy Animal Safari Park and the Promised Flute
Season number 12
Episode number 435
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The Fantasy Animal Safari Park and the Promised Flute is a special episode from the 2005 series.


This time, Doraemon goes to work at the Fantasy Animal Safari Park, and Nobita, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo happen to be traveling there. During this period, in order to save trouble, Doraemon takes out the "The Partitioning Hammer", which is convenient for doing things. As a result, Mr. Sabu, the park's administrator, comes out and stops Doraemon's behavior. Doraemon finally takes the temperature of a dragon, but he almost succeeded. The unlucky Doraemon is soon burned by the fire spewed by the fire-breathing dragon. Unexpectedly, the fire-breathing dragon is very angry and scares the unicorn. Fortunately, the administrator uses the "Promised Flute" to stop the fire-breathing dragon.

When Doraemon learns that a unicorn is pregnant, he goes after it. He takes out the gadget "Maglev Train Game" and goes to find the unicorn. At this moment, Gian and Suneo are gone, and Nobita and Shizuka go to find them. Who knows unicorn will suddenly appear. With the help of Nobita, Shizuka and others, Doraemon finally finds the unicorn. The unicorn gives birth to a child, and when Doraemon sees the newly born pink unicorn, he names it "Momo" and friends with it.

When Gian and Suneo are attacked by a huge bug-shaped vehicle driven by an imaginary animal hunter, Nobita happens to bump into a centaur and asks him about seeing the children, but he looks at Momo, but has murderous intentions. After that, Doraemon finally gets Sabu's salary. Mr. Sabu finally tells Doraemon about the Promised Flute, but those fantasy animal hunter who has been ambushing in the park and dresses as centaur suddenly appeared. Doraemon finally catches the centaur, and only then does he understand that they are disguised as centaur to do bad things.

Knowing that Momo is in danger, Gian and Suneo are caught by the fantasy animal hunter, and Doraemon immediately starts a contest with them.

Doraemon takes out the "Swimming Powder" and immediately dives into the ground, holding on to the bug.

In order to save Momo, Doraemon takes out the "Promised Flute" and summons a lot of fantasy animals, rescues Momo, Gian and Suneo.

In the end, Doraemon finally bids farewell to Momo, but is caught by the fire-breathing dragon.


Gadgets used[]


  • The Winners of Birth of Pet Dream Contests appeared in the episode.