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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Fearsome Happiness Cards
Release date 07/12/2018
Japanese title しあわせトランプの恐怖
English title The Fearsome Happiness Cards
Season number 14
Episode number 545a
Adapted manga chapter The Fearsome Happiness Cards
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The Fearsome Happiness Cards is an episode of the Doraemon 2005 anime.


Nobita sees a beautiful deck of playing cards in the room and thinks it will be great if he can play cards with Shizuka. At this moment, Shizuka just appeared and said that Nobita has dropped something at her house and brings it to him, so she drops by the house. They play cards together, but at the end of the game they find that one card is missing. Nobita doesn't take it seriously, and Shizuka goes back. Doraemon is in a panic when he comes back, saying that they are "Happiness Cards", and explains the function and danger of the playing cards to Nobita. Nobita is also worried, so he wants to give them to others quickly. At this time, Nobita's mother happens to be because Nobita is very poor in the exam. She is about to scold Nobita, but Nobita shouts for help, but his mother happens to have other things to do and walks away, and one more playing card is missing. Nobita goes out with the playing cards and explains to Suneo. Suneo decides to accept the playing cards. Nobita breathes a sigh of relief. Suneo makes a wish for a lot of models, a big meal and a trip to Paris. As a result, he hears that after hearing the news that Dad is going to Paris on a business trip to take the whole family with him, Suneo is given to Gian. Gian made a wish for Tsubasa Ito's photo album, but what he wants most is money, and suddenly he receives a call. He says that Gian has won a special prize by picking up a lottery ticket and delivering it to the police station, but the owner does not come to claim it. After Nobita returns home, he is chased and scolded by his mother and escapes. At this time, he meets Yasuo and Haruo who are very happy with the gifts they get from making wishes with "Happiness Cards", and tells Nobita that they have given it to other classmates after they make a wish. So Nobita decides to go back and solve the problem of being scolded by his mother. After asking the guest stars Kiza, Godzilla (Godzilla is mentioned to Tachibana again) and others, he finally finds out that he is at a female classmate's place, he goes to ask her for it, but when he gets it, he finds that there are only two left including the ghost card. He is very anxious. Nobita wants to throw it into the river but still throws back to him and finds a box in the garbage dump to lock it up, but the whole box flies to Nobita. At this time, the playing card helps him realize his wish. Nobita's mother happens to meet Nobita's teacher. The teacher advises her mother not to blame Nobita too much, otherwise he will be more negative. As a result, only the ghost card are left in the playing cards. , when bad luck is about to hit Nobita, a robber appears and takes away the box and playing cards from Nobita's hand. Nobita is fine, so he goes home to watch the news on TV and sees the news that the robber is caught. He also mentions that he is very unlucky and is bitten by a dog, hit by a car and fell into a ditch, and finally falls in front of the police station.


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