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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
The Fishing Pond in My Study Room
Fishing Pond
Benkyō Beya no Tsuribori
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 1979
Broadcast date October 3, 1979
Season 1
Episode number 1a
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The Fishing Pond in My Study Room is the first episode of the Doraemon 1979 anime.


Doraemon, Nobita and Shizuka were walking along the streets while Doraemon had been whistling throughout. Gian shouts "Hey! Nobita! Doraemon!" and three of them stop and look back. Gian and Suneo were carrying fishing rods and a bucket in their hands. Gian asks them to come and three of them run towards him with curiousity. They see that the bucket Gian was holding had fish in it. Gian and Suneo make fun of Nobita about him not being able to catch a fish and start going towards their opposite direction, leaving Nobita angry and jealous. Doraemon and Nobita make a plan about collecting fish and Nobita invites Shizuka. Shizuka asks them to excuse her for some time and marches off and the two get sad.

In the next scene, Nobita and Doraemon are seen approaching towards their home in a hurry. They have lunch on the dinning table along with Tamako. Nobita asks his mom whether he could go for fishing and Tamako does not allow him, leaving him dissapointed. She says that he is clumsy and might fall in the river. Doraemon and Nobita have a walk together in the lobby while Nobita was sharing his feelings.

In Nobita's room, Nobita was lying on the floor and Doraemon was sitting beside him. Nobita shares his feelings while Doraemon was thinking about something. Doraemon suddenly claps as he gets an idea. He takes out Mobile Fishing Lake from his pocket and unfolds it by laying it on the floor. He presses some of its buttons. The white sheet changes into blue leaving Nobita surprised and curious. Nobita asks whether he will be able to see fish in it. Doraemon whistles and a fish jumps in it while Nobita sits on his chair being afraid. Doraemon takes out two fishing rods from his pocket and both of them try catching fishes. After some time, Nobita gets tired because of not being able to catch a single fish and puts his rod beside him. Nobita dips his face inside the gadget and Doraemon warns him to not do it. He sees some fishes inside and asks Doraemon to hep him catch them. Doraemon takes out another gadget called Magic Glove. Both of them were seen fishing again. The glove tries to grab a fish and the fish started swimming faster after getting scared. The glove holds the fish and the wire of Nobita's fishing rod starts vibrating. Nobita pulls out the fish with delightness. He asks Doraemon's help as the fish starts slipping from his hands. Doraemon takes out a gadget named Fish Spray and sprays it over Nobita and then in the room. He asks Nobita to leave the fish and as he does, the fish starts swimming in the air which surprises Nobita. Nobita then uses the rod to catch another fish and again after he catches it, Doraemon uses the Fish Spray on it. Doraemon and Nobita catch more fishes. Lots of fishes swim in the air in a pattern. Doraemon orders the fishes which come towards him to face upside and all the fishes follow his command. He then starts dancing and the fishes also dance. The fishes around Nobita also dance while Nobita was laughing and catching more fish. The thread of his fishing rod starts vibrating and Nobita tries very hard to pull the rod. Doraemon leaves his fishing rod, runs towards Nobita and pulls him backwards. They both struggle a lot while pulling out the fish. When the fish comes out of the gadget, they see that the Magic Hand was holding fish's tail and it's mouth had another string. They pull it harder and see that the string was connected to another fishing rod which was inside the gadget. They continue to pull it and see Gian holding that fishing rod. Gian gets surprised while both of them start panicking. Nobita leaves the string while screaming and Gian gets drowned into the gadget. Doraemon along with Nobita run around the gadget. Doraemon suddenly stops and folds the gadget. Both of them feel relieved.

Gian takes his head out of the water and is angry. Suneo, standing near the lake asks Gian about what he saw. Gian replies that he saw Nobita and Doraemon. Doraemon and Nobita were taking deep breaths in their room. Both of them then started fishing again and were not able to catch a single fish for long. Nobita puts his hand inside the gadget and found his hand touching the ground. Doraemon changes the location in the gadget while Nobita was standing in it. The color of the water turns darker and it has waves. Nobita starts jumping in joy and dips his hands inside and finds a starfish. He walks forward and gets drowned in the water. Doraemon jumps inside the gadget. Nobita drownes deep into the sea and Doraemon swims behind him, increases his pace and uplifts Nobita. Nobita was wearing diving helmet having an antennae, goggles and a pair of diving fins which was another gadget of 22nd century called Scuba Diving Kit (Unnamed). Doraemon points him in a certain direction and they both swim there along with several fishes while watching the landscape. They notice lots of fishes approaching towards them and stop. They see a shark coming towards them and panic. They swim faster in the opposite direction and hide behind some staircases. The shark goes above them without noticing them. They turn around and start swimming in the above direction, the shark turns towards them and chases them. They hide behind a rock and the shark crushes the rock by it's teeth. They both started swimming again in a zig zag way around the tentacles and the shark crushes those tentacles while chasing them. A red colored octopus wakes up by the noise and spreads it's black ink when the shark was almost going to eat them. Doraemon and Nobita swim faster towards the gadget and get out of it. Doraemon folds the gadget in hurry but while doing so he and Nobita scream when they see that the shark's face was getting out of the gadget. They both scream with fear and the house shakes. They both struggle folding the gadget as the shark's tail was outside the gadget. The table, chair and books falls on the floor. Somehow they both manage to fold the gadget completely and get relieved.

Doraemon presses some switches on the gadget while both of them were sitting around the gadget which was unfolded. The color of the water changes and steam was seen coming out of it. Nobita dips his hands in the warm water and they both start jumping happily. Nobita being naked jumps in the gadget along with Doraemon and both of them enjoy bathing in it. Shizuka was bathing in her washroom. She hears sound of water popping and turns her head towards the bathtub. She turns and sees Nobita and Doraemon getting out of the bathtub hugging each other. She screams and tried to cover her genitals. Doraemon and Nobita get embarrassed and started moving their hands and legs and dip their body inside the bathtub and the water splashes and the episode ends.

Noteworthy Events[]

Major Events[]

  • Doraemon and Nobita escaped from a shark which was going to eat them.
    • The shark caused several damages in Nobita's room.

Minor Events[]

  • Doraemon and Nobita entered Shizuka's washroom when all of them were naked.


Gadgets Used[]

  • Mobile Fishing Lake (first reappearance)
  • Magic Glove (first reappearance)
  • Fish Spray (first reappearance)
  • Scuba Diving Kit (Unnamed) (first reappearance)


Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Chinese 在房間裡釣魚 Fishing In The Room
Hindi आज हम पकड़ेंगे बहुत सारी मछलियाँ Today We Will Catch A Lot Of Fish
Japanese 勉強べやの釣り堀 Study Room's Fishing Pond
Vietnamese Ao cá trong phòng học Fishing Pond In The Study Room


Voice Actor Role(s)
Nobuyo Ōyama Doraemon
Kazuya Tatekabe Takeshi Gouda
Noriko Ohara Nobita Nobi
Michiko Nomura Shizuka Minamoto
Kaneta Kimotsuki Suneo Honekawa
Sachiko Chijimatsu Tamako Nobi




  • Shizuka had black hair in the episode, it is the only episode of 1979 anime where her hair were shown to be black instead of brown.
  • Gian's voice had a difference than the rest of the 1979 episodes.
  • Nobita and Shizuka were seen naked.