2005 anime series
The Time Machine is lost!!
The Fishing Pond in My Study Room

1a Title


Benkyō Beya no Tsuribori
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date April 15, 2005
Season 1
Episode number 1a
Adapted manga chapter
Doraemon Chapter 220:Indoor Fishing Pond
Theme Songs
Opening Doraemon no Uta
The Fishing Pond in My Study Room (Japanese: 勉強べんきょうべやのぼり Benkyō Beya no Tsuribori) is an first episode of 2005 anime series. It first aired in TV Asahi on April 15, 2005.


Nobita wants to go to fishing because Gian and Suneo caught a lot of fish at the nearby river. Nobita asks his mom if he could go to fishing, but his mom says he is clumsy and can easily fall into the river. So Doraemon uses the gadget, Mobile Fishing Lake. But there is so much trouble using the gadget that they fail to catch any fish. The episode ends with Doraemon and Nobita landing in Shizuka's bath tub mistaking it for a hot spring.


Gadgets used


  • This is the first Doraemon episode to had a new voice actor and new look of animation design.


2005 anime series
The Time Machine is lost!!
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