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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Friend Circle
Release date 15th July 2005
Japanese title 友だちの輪
English title The Friend Circle
Episode number 28
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The Friend Circle is an episode from the 2005 series.


Gian, Nobita and Suneo practice baseball at the open lot and are given a lecture from Kaminari for breaking his glass again. They then go to the field to practice, where they meet a new girl in the neighbourhood who is very good in baseball. After showing the trio her baseball skills for a while, she leaves without telling them her name. Gian, Nobita and Suneo return and see the girl entering Kaminari's house, but are unable to find out more when Kaminari shouts at them, and they run away.

Nobita wishes to make friends with the girl, and he goes back to the open lot. He finds Gian and Suneo there, who are trying to get the girl's attention. Kaminari returns after briefly walking out and finds them outside, and Gian and Suneo run away again. Nobita finds Doraemon making friends with a black cat at the rooftop using a gadget called Friend Circle, and lends it from him to get closer to the girl by making friends with Kaminari.

Kaminari invites Nobita to his house and tells the girl, Mizue, Kaminari's grand-daughter, to serve tea to Nobita. Before Nobita could ask Mizue to make friends with him, Kaminari begins to chat with Nobita about his plants, but Nobita had to leave when Mizue leaves the house. He forgets about the Friend Circle and Doraemon demands to bring it back, but Mum informs Nobita that Shizuka came, and her letter spurred Nobita to go to Shizuka's house.

Meanwhile, Kaminari finds the Friend Circle and tells Mizue to return it back to Nobita, but on her way to Nobita's house, a gust of wind sends the gadget flying to where Shizuka is. The two girls incidentally step into the Friend Circle. Nobita arrives at Shizuka's house, but Shizuka already made friends with Mizue and invites her to her house so she does not need Nobita's company now.


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