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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.

The Friendship Capsule (友情カプセル Yūjō Kapuseru) is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime.


Suneo extorts money from Doraemon after he treats him to 20 dorayakis of premium quality. Tricking Doraemon and Nobita that he really wants a best friend, Doraemon lends him the Friendship Capsule that allows him to make friends. As Doraemon and Nobita walk along the street, Doraemon is suddenly possessed, and runs to "Suneo-kun". Nobita learns that Suneo attached the Friendship Capsule's sticker to Doraemon, and tries to prevent Doraemon from being taken away by Suneo. He is beaten up instead. Doraemon and Suneo meet Gian along the street, and Doraemon gets back at Gian for Suneo. Suneo makes three classmates his lackeys, who refuse. They attack Suneo. In the chaos, one of them steps on the remote and damages it, and frees Doraemon from the sticker's control.

Doraemon finds Nobita, and learns he is attached to the sticker. While trying to find where the sticker is attached, Suneo manages to fix the remote and successfully gets Doraemon to return to his side, who abandons Nobita. Suneo lends from Doraemon a typewriter gadget that helps him do his homework, and forces him to take out another gadget that makes him an instant celebrity. Doraemon is released from the remote's control from Suneo in the process and runs out of the Honekawa residence, bumping into a sumo wrestler along the way. It turns out that the sticker is attached to Doraemon's right foot, and Nobita disposes it. Meanwhile, Suneo fixes the control, and gets the sumo for company, much to everyone's horror.


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