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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Ghost Lamp
Ghost Lamp Title Card (2005)
Release date August 19, 2005
Japanese title 怪談ランプ
English title Ghost Lamp
Season number 1
Episode number 18b
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Ghost Lamp (The Ghost Story Lamp) is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime.


Episode starts at Nobita begging his mother to tell a horror story, somehow he managed to convince Tamako. She narrated a story which sounded lame to Nobita but Doraemon appreciated it. Doraemon asked Nobita why is he doing that, Nobita tells Doraemon that their going to Gian's place to tell a really good scary story that is happening tonight, which gives Doraemon an idea by pulling out a gadget called Ghost Lamp, which It helps creates a 'coincidental' eerie scene that makes one's scary story very scary. Time forwards during the night, where Nobita and his friends are at Gian's house, which their light completely turned off as he lits the candle on. Gian explains to everybody, whoever makes up a scariest story, wins. Gian goes first by telling a story called: Sarayashiki, scaring Nobita, while his friends commented that isn't scary at all. Whenever Nobita's friends, Suneo and Shizuka also started telling stories, Nobita is the only one freaking out. Now, it's his turn. Nobita takes out the lamp and tell stories the others have already told, thus suspecting by Gian and the others. However, they heard the sound of the glass plate broke into pieces from the background, freaking them out, including him as he continues to tell the story such as: He tells everyone that the wind is so strong the candle lits out, heard someone scary voices while counting, scary footsteps coming from the hallway. At the door, they saw a mysterious figure holding something, kinda like a knife, freaking his friends out and lastly, he tells everyone that someone opens the door carefully. The person who opens the door is actually a Burglar who is eating bananas, causing him and his friends including the Burglar, screaming loudly, and escapes, but eventually got caught by a police. Gian declares Nobita as a winner.

Back home, he tells Doraemon that he should've done the faceless ghost story (said it accidentally), but the lamp is still there. They heard footsteps coming towards their room, which is faceless Tamako because of the Ghost Lamp, freaking Doraemon and Nobita as the episode ends.



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  • In Hindi, this episode is called डरावनी कहानियाँ, meaning 'Scary Stories'.
  • The Filipino dub shared the same English gadget title by saying "Ghost Lamp"
  • This is one of the first episodes in 2005 that doesn't use any Main Gadgets from Doraemon.
  • Although Gian is not afraid of ghost, he seems to be scared after Nobita's story in this episode

Names in Other Languages[]

Language Name Origin
Filipino Ang Lamparang Nananakot A Scary Lamp
Hindi डरावनी कहानियाँ Scary Stories