Giants lamdscape view

The Giants in positon

The Giants (ジャイアンズ) is the name of the baseball team which Gian leads. Nobita normally is forced to play with them and almost all the time he fails doing what they want, making Gian unfairly scream with him telling that it's his fault if they lose a game. Shizuka and sometimes her friends cheer for them. Dekisugi also play for the team, but he isn't a regular member.


Main Members

  • Takeshi Gouda- the team captain & the main pitcher. Usually hits with his right hand
  • Suneo Honekawa-Usually serve as the catcher, but will serve as a pitcher sometimes. Occasionally he will also serve as a batter
  • Nobita Nobi- serves as the outfielder, and throws with the right hand. In pitching there is a 1% chance that he will be successful to strike the batter out
  • Haruo- Outfielder most of the time, rarely seen in other positions
  • Yasuo-Outfielder and batter
  • Unnamed kids in their class - Outfielders, batters

Temporary Members


  • Their opponent team is usually the Tyrannos, a middle school baseball team who play fairly well.
  • They had play against the Edogawa Dora's in a baseball match on the open lot once in a Dorabase manga special, which was published on the 3rd issue of the F Life magazine.
    • Interestly, Doraemon was a former pitcher of Edogawa Dora's and is a friend to Kuroemon.
  • The Giants' name also used in real Japanese Baseball team, Yomiuri Giants.


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