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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Guidance Angel/2005 Anime
Release date 16th September 2005
Japanese title ミチビキエンゼル
English title The Guidance Angel
Episode number 20A
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The Guidance Angel is an episode from the 2005 series. This episode is called The Guiding Angel in the English LUK Internacional (UK) dub and Guiding Angel in the U.S. English version/dub.


Doraemon is sick, when he receives a call from Nobita telling him to "quickly come to him". Doraemon, thinking that Nobita is in trouble, rushes to Nobita's position at a trivium, only for him to tell that he cannot decide where to go, since Shizuka's house is to his right but his house is to the left. Doraemon is annoyed by this mere problem, and gives him the Guidance Angel which can be asked anything. Before returning, Doraemon sneezes hard at the site, which led to an important screw of his to be thrown out.

Doraemon leaves, while Nobita starts asking questions like "which foot to start walking with" and "which road to take" to the angel. When it eventually tells Nobita to use the longer road instead of a shortcut, Nobita disobeys it and bumps into Gian and Suneo, who call him to play baseball with him. At the baseball ground, Nobita is greatly helped by the angel, leading him to be praised by Gian and his teammates. After reaching Shizuka's house, the angel stops Nobita at various steps like adding sugar to the tea or drinking it too hot. Nobita eventually gets annoyed and proceeds to leave. Shizuka tells him to stop by and have dinner with them. Nobita agrees, but the angel starts annoying Nobita to return and complete his homework. Nobita tries to suppress it, but he follows two steps described by the angel which forces him to run away - "stick out your tongue" and "pull down your eyes". While returning, he disobeys the angel again and accidentally steps into an open drain. When he reaches home, he sees Doraemon in a critical condition with his pocket part opened. Doraemon says that he is missing an important screw; and Nobita knows where to look for it.

He rushes to the trivium and starts searching for the screw in the dark with his foot wet in sewer-water and the angel kicking him to return and complete his homework. Just then, Gian spots Nobita and asks him what he's doing, to which Nobita does not reply and it angers Gian. As he is about to beat Nobita up, he sees the angel and picks it up. Nobita understands that the wearer cannot pull it out. He finds Doraemon's screw and returns it to him, and Doraemon quickly recovers from his sick condition.

The next day, Nobita and Doraemon laugh at the way the gadget annoys Gian, and Doraemon rejects to pull it out for him.


Gadget used[]


  • This is the remake of the 1979 anime episode of the same name.
  • This is one of the episodes in where it was dubbed into English twice, same goes for Memory Bread