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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Jack in the Box Stick/2005 Anime
Release date May 29, 2015
Japanese title びっくり箱ステッキ
English title The Jack in the Box Stick
Season number 11
Episode number 695
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The Jack in the Box Stick is an episode from the 1979 and 2005 series. It was based on the manga with the same name.


Suneo tries to prank Shizuka with his Jack-In-The-Box but fails. Later, Suneo saw Nobita walking down the street going home. Suneo tries the same thing to Nobita and Nobita ultimately scared that leads to Suneo & Shizuka laughing.

Nobita told Doraemon about the situation. Doraemon gives him the Jack-In-The-Box Stick that if you tap it on a container when open it any Japanese monsters will showed up. Doraemon tries to use it on Nobita's drawer & when Nobita opens it a monster appeared and Nobita screamed. Nobita's mom climbed and asks what's wrong & Nobita told her that there was a monster in the drawer. She opened it but no monster showed up but unlucky for Nobita, his mom found his zero points test making her very angry. Then Nobita gets revenge on his mother by tricking her into lifting the pot lid and refrigerator revealing a giant monster and a whale causing her to shriek in terror.

Nobita and Doraemon went out to find and trick Suneo, but doing so proves to be impossible, especially since he is suspicious of Nobita's motives. Nobita and Doraemon nearly got Suneo with the fake present from a secret admirer until Gian stole it and ruined the trap causing the punching box to smack him in the face instead. After Nobita taps the soda can with the gadget, Suneo offered him a drink before opening it. Despite Doraemon's warning, Nobita's gullibility and cowardice got the best of him. Then Suneo snatches the Jack-In-The-Box Stick as he starts having fun with it and slowing down Nobita and Doraemon who started chasing after him with fake monsters popping out of anywhere Suneo taps on. Lastly, Suneo reached back to his mansion and accidentally tapped the entrance doors only to scare the living daylights out of him and Nobita.


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