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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.

The Magic Belly is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime.


Nobita sees Gian getting Suneo and two other boys to laugh at the open lot. Gian gets Nobita to read a funny manga Jaiko had drawn, and Nobita laughs as he finds the manga boring. Furious, Gian punches him. Gian later tells Jaiko that his friends find the manga funny, but Jaiko has already learned about what happened. He assembles Nobita and the others and threatens them that he will beat them up if they do not laugh at Jaiko's manga when it comes out. Back home, Doraemon finds Nobita forcefully trying to laugh, and lends him the Magic Belly that makes him laugh uncontrollably whenever the stomach plate is rubbed. Doraemon watches Nobita from above such that the gadget is not noticed.

Meanwhile, just as Jaiko is unable to think about ideas for the manga story, Gian encourages her, who finally gets an inspiration. Suneo is trying to forcefully laugh as well at the open lot. He finds the belly button Nobita is wearing and uses it for himself. Doraemon renders the gadget useless and throws the console away. Gian assembles everyone back at the open lot, and selects Nobita to read the manga. It turns out that Jaiko eventually drew a sad manga, and Nobita is praised for his performance when he cries uncontrollably, surprising everyone. Suneo comes by to read Jaiko's manga and is in for a shock. However, he begins to laugh at the inappropriate moment. Gian is enraged at Suneo for making Jaiko upset and chases after him.


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