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The Mecha-Maker
The Mecha-Maker
Meka mēkā
General Information
Broadcast by Disney XD
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date July 7, 2014
Season 1
Episode number 1B
Doraemon The Mecha Maker
Written by Higashi Shimizu
Directed by Shigeo Koshi
Episode Guide
Previous episode All the Way From the Future World
Next episode Transformade

The Mecha-Maker is an episode from the American English dub of the 2005 anime series.


Noby wants to build a spaceship after drawing one earlier, so Doraemon lends him a gadget called the Mecha Maker which can make any drawn spacecraft into an RC toy. They show it off Noby's spaceship (the USS Noby) to Sue, only for Big G and Sneech to take the Mecha Maker and destroy Noby's ship with a bigger ship (The Big G-Sneech).

Doraemon gets angry as he doesn't get the Yummy Buns he was promised by Sneech when he "borrowed" it. Doraemon and Noby steal back the Mecha Maker and build and even bigger ship (the USS Bun Avenger) than Big G and Sneech's. The Bun Avenger destroys the Big G-Sneech and zaps Big G and Sneech. The episode ends with a guy wanting his car back after his father gave it to Doraemon for the Bun Avenger.


Gadgets used[]


  • The scene where Doraemon uses the Disintegration Knife to cut the car into pieces was cut in the U.S. English dub.