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The Merpeople are a race of aquatic being that resemble human but are capable of breathing underwater and swimming with the help of a special fin-like suit. They originated from Aqua Star, a star in Sirius Constellation.




Many thousand years ago, the Merpeople lived in peace on their home planet Aqua Star, ruled by a benovolent king. However, their peace didn't last forever, as Aqua Star were invaded by the Demon Fish Tribe led by the evil Bulkin . The Demon Fish polluted the ocean, pillaged their homeland, and slaughtered many of their people, among them are the king himself, the prince, and his wife. Queen Undine, along with her infant grandaughter Sophia and the survivors, fled Aqua Star on the spaceship and eventually settled down at the deep ocean of planet Earth.


  • The Merpeople share some characteristic with the Mu People.