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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
The Moses Stick
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Release date February 17 1984
Japanese title モーゼステッキ
Season number 5
Episode number 751
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The Moses Stick is an episode of the 1979 anime.


One day, Nobita and Shizuka are exploring a river with the help of a boat which Nobita is driving. Suddenly a remote controlled ship operated by Gian and Suneo come in and annoy them and ruin their experience. The remote controlled ship finally crashes with the boat which results in it getting destroyed, thanks to the reckless Gian.

After that, they come to Nobita and tell him that the boat crashing with the remote controlled ship was his fault, despite Gian clearly being the one who recklessly crashed the Suneo's toy due to his bad remote control skills. They say that if Nobita cannot find the boat then he will have to pay for it. It was very expensive and that's why Nobita begs Doraemon to help him.

Doraemon then tells the story of Moses to Nobita and then takes out the Moses Stick (or Staff). He then shows Nobita what this new gadget could do and after that they go to the river to find the boat, this time with the help of the Moses Stick. They find it and give it back to Gian and Suneo but as usual, they take the Moses Stick and decide to mess with it, which ultimately results in them almost drowning in the river at the end of the episode.


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