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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Like I Said, A Ghost Appeared
2005 anime series
A Happy Mermaid Princess
The Nobita in Nobita
Nobita no Naka no Nobita
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date August 7, 2009
Season 5
Episode number 180
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The Nobita in Nobita is a special episode of the 2005 anime.


It's the 7th of August, he goes up to his room, and finds Doraemon sorting out his gadgets. Nobita turns on a "Deep Sleep Dream Machine", a machine that allows anybody to fall into deep sleep,but Doraemon said it's better not to touch it because it's defective. Nobita ask Doraemon what day is today, but Doraemon said he's busy and tells him to go away, and Nobita walks out of the room with an upset face, and goes outside. At outside, he told his friends what day is today, to avoid their super secret plan, each of them come up with a fake holiday such as: Nose Holiday, Flower Day, and Banana Day, which bummers Nobita, and his friends walks away. Nobita tried everything, but everyone seems to have forgotten his birthday. He goes back inside the house, his mom called him. In his mind we can see his mother and Doraemon surprises him with confetti and gifts, but the reality is that his mom scolded him again with a zero test. Feeling lonely, he decides to use The Deep Sleep Dream Machine, where he goes back in time to relive his memories like: New Year Festival, Playing at the beach with his friends, little Nobita's birthday, movie references, and other stuff while he is sleeping. Doraemon goes back telling him that he got scolded by his mother again, because of the 0 test. Somehow, Doraemon found out that Nobita is using The Deep Sleep Dream Machine.

Outside, all of his friends decides to surprise Nobita. When they entered the room, they can see Doraemon with his sad face telling them that Nobita won't wake up anymore. Doraemon explains everything about the Deep Sleep Dream Machine gadget and the only way to enter Nobita's dream is they gotta go into his heart. So Doraemon opened the The Deep Sleep Dream Machine portal, and his friends said that they want to see Nobita's dream, and Doraemon warns them that dreams are very dangerous and it's serious. He also tells them that if they're stuck inside Nobita's dream, they won't be able to return to the real world. Shizuka volunteers to save Nobita, so does Gian and Suneo. Doraemon gave each of them a "Insta-Quit Button" that allows them to return to the real world in case something happen and the group goes off.

Inside the Nobita's dream, they saw lots of sea creatures floating around the land. So they set off to find Nobita's house. While walking, (there are lots of Doraemon movie references in this movie), they suddenly change clothes, personalities, and they began to wonder what's going on, so they tried to ignore what's bothering them, and continues to find Nobita's house. When they arrived at Nobita's house, they saw a lot of poor Suneo, and Gian begging for money on Nobita's house, which stubborns the two of them, and the poor Suneos and Gians runs away in fear. Then, once they arrive the front door, Doraemon tells Gian that he won't know what happens after they opened the door, so Gian opens it. When they did, they saw Shizuka taking a bath inside the bathroom and both Shizuka screams, causing the boys to run away from the bathroom. Shizuka is barricading the door with her stubborn face and looks at them. while for Doraemon said "Is this what Nobita-kun dream about??", while Suneo and Gian agrees, well for Shizuka isn't. So she tries to open the door instead, which is now changed to the interior of the real Nobita's house. When they got inside, the saw a rabbit (like from the Japanese festival on Nobita's dream), thinking it was Nobita. Gian tries to catch him, but they all ended up felling into the invisible floor that leads to another dimension

After they fell into the invisible floor, they continue to chase the bunny when they're inside a very strange room like: Hallway with lots of Rabbit Hole scattered around, and a short squared stairs. Then, the rabbit goes down into the void as they continue to follow him. The void turned into a isolated desert. While walking, they encountered the dark side of Nobita's dream: "The 0 Test Graveyard". As they wonder around at the horrific place, Gian sits down on the dloor and decides to give, so does Suneo, but Shizuka tells them not to. Then, she has a brilliant idea on how to get out of the dimension. She explains to them that since they're inside of the dream, what if they changed the score of a "0" to a "100" on one of the test graveyard. Doraemon pulls out another gadget, Photo Gun, and focuses on the test "0", then he grabs the pen and changed to a "100". After that, the score of a 100 flashes and the "rabbit" drops tears as he sees the test of the score and the group finally break free from the dimension. After successfully got out of the dimension, Gian ruined it (again) saying that Nobita will never get 100 points, and the two laughs. The rabbit overheard them and turns sad and disappeared. Because of the rabbit's sadness, the whole house has turned into a terrible blizzard with sorrow and grief. Doraemon tells them that it's too dangerous to move on and said that he will go by himself to think of a solution since he started this whole mess, but Gian steps in and blocks the freezing wind saying that it's also their fault for not telling the truth on Nobita. Gian grabs the Insta Quit Button and destroy hit, even Shizuka and Suneo meaning that they will never give up until they find Nobita, much of a delight of Doraemon.

When they reach inside the room, they found Nobita is trapped inside of a tough iceberg. They tried many times to wake him up, but nothing happened. As they were about to get suck by the void, Shizuka remembers that it's time to say the special word, and they were exclaimed. So Doraemon, Shizuka, Suneo, and Gian said the special word, which is: "Nobita, Happy Birthday", and Nobita wakes up, and shines a really bright light on to them realized that they sucessfully saved Nobita from the dream. As they got out of the dream, Nobita wakes up. Confused of what was going on, Gian said to him that they were almost worried of Nobita, and Suneo calmed him down. Tamako Nobi came and surprised him with Shizuka's cake and said Happy Birthday to him, as Nobita thanks them with gratitude. But somehow he said, "Wow, it's like a dream." All of his friends including Doraemon started panicking by saying, "Don't mention the word 'dream' again!", leading to Tamako dropping the cake, and Nobita being confused, as the episode ends.


Supporting characters[]

In addition, Non-chan appears in a flashback scene.


NOTE: The gadget that debuted were highlighted BOLD.

  • Some gadgets from the original manga series and the 2005 anime series that possible made appearance in this episode.
  • Deep Sleep Dream Machine
  • Instant-Quit button

Guest Stars[]

  • Q-taro (Appears as a doll)

Major events[]

  • After the only uses of Deep Sleep Dream Machine, everyone managed to get into the dream of Nobita, but they encountered a lot of strange things.

Differences from the manga[]

  • The entire events of this episode were exclusive to the anime (not counting 1979 anime and 1973 anime).


  • This is the one of the episodes that features the movie charaters.
    • This is also the one of the emotional (and sad) episodes in the 2005 series because of the end of the episode when Doraemon, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo founds Nobita were encased in ice at Nobita's bedroom on Nobita's dream.
  • Odore Dore Dora Doraemon Ondo were played in this special episode. It's likely because the ondo scene were included in this episode.
    • A Q-taro doll makes an appearance in this segment as a game prize.
    • When Doraemon, Shizuka, Suneo and Gian entered Nobita's dream, they get the callback from 1979 episode "Diving in the Town" when they saw the sea creatures are in town.
    • The several hole scenes made an inflection of a early 1979 episode, which adapted from a Doraemon Color Works chapters.
    • Some of the music heard in this episode is taken from "The Tale of Nobita's Dream".
    • This is the first and the last appearance of The Deep Sleep Dreaming Machine.
    • The function of the Insta Quit Button was never showed in this episode.


  • In the beginning of the episode, there's a line that was drew on his face right between the mouth and his nose. Which is a drawing error for this episode.

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