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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.
The Odd, Odd Umbrellas
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Release date December 18, 1979
Japanese title おかしなおかしなかさ
English title The Odd, Odd Umbrellas
Episode number 224
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The Odd, Odd Umbrellas is an episode from the 1979 anime.


The sky starts to rain, so Mama asks Nobita to accompany Papa home from the train station, who left without bringing an umbrella. Taking two umbrellas along the way, they are lent to Shizuka and Jaian respectively, and Nobita is forced to wait under a shelter due to the rain. Papa calls back home telling Mama that Nobita is not at the train station, so she sends Doraemon instead, who is able to locate Nobita's whereabouts with the Finding Person Umbrella.

Doraemon and Nobita meet Papa at the train station, and after taking out umbrellas that are not of Papa's liking, Doraemon takes out the Bat Umbrella, which sends Papa flying. He ends up on top of a tree, but lands back to safety after Doraemon lends him the Parachute Umbrella. The rain clears. Doraemon lends Papa what appears to be an ordinary umbrella, which turns out to be the Storm Umbrella. Annoyed, Papa, who is now in the rain, chase after Doraemon and Nobita.

In a final scene, Nobita opens an umbrella, with Doraemon's face on the top of it.


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