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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Odd, Odd Umbrellas
Nobita and Doraemon running from Nobisuke
Release date June 24, 2005
Japanese title おかしなおかしなかさ
English title The Odd, Odd Umbrellas
Episode number 11a
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The Odd, Odd Umbrellas is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime. This episode is called Very, Very Strange Umbrellas in the English LUK Internacional (UK) dub.


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The sky starts to rain. Doraemon helps Tamako keep the laundry. Nobisuke left without bringing an umbrella, so Tamako asks Nobita to accompany Nobisuke home from the train station. Taking two umbrellas along the way, he lends one of them to Shizuka, who is waiting under a shelter. He meets Gian and Suneo, who are also exposed to the rain, and the other umbrella is snatched by the former. Left without an umbrella, Nobita is forced to wait under a shelter until Doraemon arrives with the Finding Person Umbrella.

Doraemon and Nobita meet Nobisuke at the train station. Doraemon takes out the Congratulate, Rotation and Muscle Umbrellas, all of which are not of Nobisuke's liking. He takes out the Love Umbrella for Nobita, which creates holograms of ideal girlfriends, and gives Shizuka, who is on her way to her violin class, a mistaken impression. Doraemon gives Nobisuke the Marathon Umbrella, which whisks Nobisuke away. Nobita and Doraemon give chase. He reaches to the home, but the umbrella takes him beyond there without stopping, and pass by Gian. Gian, who is ordered by his mother to return Nobita's umbrella, forces Doraemon to take out a similar umbrella. The umbrella summons ghost, scaring Jaian away.

Nobisuke accidentally lets go of the Marathon Umbrella, which finds its way to Suneo, sending him running backwards. Nobita and Doraemon find Nobisuke, and Doraemon lends him the Bat Umbrella. It sends Nobisuke flying, and he ends up on top of a tree. He lands back to safety with Doraemon's Parachute Umbrella. The rain clears. Doraemon gives Nobisuke what appears to be Nobita's umbrella, which turns out to be the Storm Umbrella. Annoyed, Nobisuke, who is now in the rain, chase after Doraemon and Nobita, who almost trip and fall when they take out the rest of Doraemon's umbrellas.


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  • In the 1979 anime, Nobisuke is directly sent flying by the Bat Umbrella. In the 2005 anime, it is the Marathon Umbrella that takes Nobisuke away from the train station first.
  • In Hindi this episode is called छाते ही छाते meaning 'Umbrellas and Umbrellas'.


  • Although Gian is doesn't afraid of ghost, but in this episode, Gian is scared by Ghost Umbrella (which summoned ghost).