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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Pearl Producing Oyster Case
Release date May 20, 2016
Japanese title しんじゅ製造アコヤケース
English title The Pearl Producing Oyster Case
Season number 12
Episode number 775
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The Pearl Producing Oyster Case is an episode from the 2005 series.


At the Minamotos' Residence, Shizuka's admiring her mother's pearl necklace that was given by her father for their wedding gift. Mrs.Minamoto tells Shizuka that she can have it in the future when she become an adult.

However, Shizuka secretly snuckles the necklace out, thanks to Suneo, and goes to meet with the gang at the Empty Lot. Everyone comments about the necklace beauty and expensiveness. However, while Nobita is trying to figure out how to take off her necklace, Gian accidentally pulls it which causes the necklace to tear apart and scatter the pearls everywhere. Even after search, they're still missing three pearls. Suneo, Gian and Tachibana quickly make up an excuse and leaves, while Nobita seeks help from Doraemon. Doraemon then brings out Pearl-Maker Shellfish, a gadget capable of creating beautiful pearl within 3 months. Then, Nobita quickly goes out and finds Shizuka who is hiding at the back of the concrete pipes, but she tells him that her mother is outside of her house looking for her and the necklace. After the coast is clear, they quickly went to his house and into the backyard where they find Doraemon and the Pearl Oyster Case gadget. The main problem is that the time constraint too turn into a real pearls is about 3 months. Due to the time constraint, Doraemon suggests using Time Cloth to speed up the process to 30 minutes. However, Mrs. Minamoto comes to Nobita's house to find Shizuka and is told by Tamako that they're in the garden, causing them to panic in fear. So Doraemon forces to bring out the Forgetting Flower, which Nobita and Shizuka use on Mrs. Minamoto to make her temporary forget about the necklace. When the pearls are finished, they give back the necklace to her which Mrs. Minamoto with relief. After some talk with her daughter, Gian comes and is about to tell Shizuka something important. It is revealed that when Gian pulled her necklace out of her neck, the REAL pearls somehow went inside of Gian's T-Shirt pocket, which makes Shizuka to smile with huge relief. At Nobita's backyard, Suneo found the Pearl Oyster Case laying around and tries to figure out the gadget works by standing on the inflated pool, then he loses balance and falls inside the gadget trapping him inside. Hours passed by, Tamako is cleaning the yard and tells both Nobita and Doraemon to put the gadget away that is just standing there. As they were about to put it away, they noticed that Suneo unconsciously turned into a big giant Pearl, freaking them out as the episode ends.


Gadgets Used[]

Background Music Used[]

Riruru To Shizuka

Used where: Shizuka's mother talking with her daughter, Shizuka, after giving back her necklace.

Otonari no Purinsesu

Used where: When Gian came and realize that 3 others pearl are in his shirt pocket and give it back to Shizuka.


  • This episode is a remake of the 1979 anime episode Shizuka's Necklace.
  • This episode has different scene in each version. After returning the necklace to her mother, she didn't insist on telling the truth, thus hiding it.
  • This version suggesting returning the necklace to her mother, while the 1979 says that her mother lets her keep the necklace.
  • In this version, Suneo's mother does not appear.