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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
The Alien's House
2005 anime series
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The Prank Toy Machine
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date August 26, 2016
Season 12
Episode number 454a
Doraemon The Prank Toy Machine
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The Prank Toy Machine is an episode from the 2005 series.


Nobita arrives late at Suneo's house, and he apologizes for being late. Suneo pulls pranks on Nobita which causes him to get upset. So when he gets back home Doraemon gives him The Prank Toy Machine and with it he plays pranks on Suneo, Gian and Shizuka. Nobita is very angry because he is tricked by Suneo with "Farting Seat" and the spring in the chewing gum. Nobita is afraid of being ripped off three times, and the cake is eaten by Suneo.

Doraemon takes out the " The Prank Toy Machine" as a demonstration, and lets the chair keep bouncing to trick Nobita. Nobita lets the senbei in Nobita's mother's hands turned into mochi, and is hit in the face by the mochi. Nobita uses the "Invisibility Cape" and used this gadget to play tricks with Suneo. Nobita turns the stairs at home into a slide to make Doraemon slip.

Nobita plays a prank on Suneo, the new issue of the comic that is supposed to play a prank on Suneo is ignored by him, and Nobita is bitten when he wants to read it. When Suneo is about to pick up the wallet, he hears someone else's house calling, and finds that the flowers has frightened the children because of the influence of the gadget. The courier is crushed to the ground by the door. When Doraemon and Mii-chan are dating, a monster pops out of the can. The policeman is terrified by the toad that the wallet turns into.

Suneo's shoes are stuck by the chewing gum, and he runs automatically, hitting the door of Shizuka's house. Shizuka sits down on the cushion, but the cushion farts. Shizuka eats the chewing gum, but it pops a big bubble that touches her and Suneo.

Suneo runs to the empty lot, but Gian is pushed by Suneo (pushed by Nobita, Doraemon behind the back) and hits the tree. In order to prevent Suneo from telling Gian, Doraemon and Nobita make Gian scared by the toy caterpillar on the tree , and falls into potted plant.

Suneo repeats Doraemon's old trick, so that his hand is caught by the spring of chewing gum. Suneo finally goes home, but Doraemon let him be caught by his own door, sprays him with juice and curry, lets him be attacked by a bucket, and finally is attacked by a bucket of water. Box spring chair and box spring bed freaks out.


Gadgets Used[]

  • The Prank Toy Machine
  • Invisibility Cape
  • Take-copter


The Alien's House
2005 anime series
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